Cristiano Ronaldo – completing the collection



Real Madrid footballer Cristian Ronaldo has had his fourth child on 12 November 2017 at 9.15pm in Madrid, this one with his girlfriend Georgina, the previous three being born to surrogates.

the new arrival, Alana Martina, has an intensely emotional and party-loving 5th house Scorpio Sun and an equally powerful 7th house Pluto, so she won’t go unnoticed. Her hard-working and hard-worrying Virgo Moon is in the 3rd house of siblings, so she’ll be preoccupied with those around her growing up. Indeed siblings may provide more nurturing than her rather vague mother with Moon opposition Neptune. Her home life will be indulgent and noisy with both Mars and Venus Jupiter in her 4th house.

Although she’ll bring Ronaldo a real lift with her Venus Jupiter in his 10th, it won’t be the easiest of relationships. Born 5 February 1985 5.25am Funchal, Portugal, he’s an Aquarius Sun with a Leo Moon with Venus in Aries which is the exact opposite of her highly emotional Scorpio Sun and Venus and earthy Virgo Moon. Different temperament types. He has a controlling 10th house Pluto which is conjunct her Venus Jupiter and his Saturn is conjunct her Sun, so it will be a tussle for control at times. The relationship chart has an argumentative/competitive composite Sun Mars and a chained-together Saturn Pluto, so not always harmonious.

Prince Charles – facing daunting changes ahead



Prince Charles is celebrating his 69th birthday today – along with Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre, and politician and best-selling writer of the original House of Cards, Michael Dobbs.  All have an intense and determined Scorpio Sun and an adventurous Jupiter (Mars) in Sagittarius opposition Uranus but these energies will play out differently with different birth times and therefore house positions.

Charles has his Taurus Moon in the 10th suiting him for a public career, with a full 4th family house; and his dynamic Mars Jupiter is in the sporting and fun-loving 5th house.

He looks in a dutiful Saturnine phase with tr Saturn moving through his 5th house of enjoyment and children; and from 2019 into his 6th house of health and work for two years thereafter. Plus tr Saturn will conjunct his Jupiter and oppose his Uranus this December for a few downbeat days. Also in December tr Pluto will square his Mars/Pluto midpoint over into the New Year which is trapped, frustrating and irritating. That returns late 2018. He looks aggravated, accident-prone in April 2018 and early 2019 with tr Uranus opposition his Mars/Saturn which can also indicate a loss; plus a career setback in 2019 from tr Saturn square his MC.

Tr Uranus is conjunct his Moon from mid May 2018, on and off till March 2019, which could be jolting changes in the family which also affect his career. There’s also a hint of a change of direction career-wise in the later stages of 2018  from tr Uranus square his Sun/MC midpoint; with a much heavier workload in 2019/2020 as tr Saturn moves through his 6th, which might also give rise to a few health issues. And his Solar Arc Saturn squares his Pluto in late 2018/early 2019 which will be onerous and burdensome.

Where there is an indication of a radical change in his life with major pressures would be in five/six years’ time as his Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct his Sun, and his Solar Arc MC is conjunct his Uranus. The Queen will be in her late 90s then and I would imagine between now and then she’ll hand over more and more responsibilities to him.

His relationship with her looks very gritty, irritable and stuck through 2018/2019 with tr Pluto conjunct the composite Mars; with (all being well health-wise in both cases) more major upheavals come 2021/22.

The shift in the dynamic within the Royal family will be considerable as power is handed over, never mind the possibility of older family members dying.  Charles’s relationships with Andrew and daughters Beatrice and Eugenie look to be chilling from now onwards, but especially in 2019.

Iran Iraq Quake – Eclipses pinpoint the danger zone



More than 400 have been killed with 8000 injured in the deadliest earthquake this year on the Iran Iraq border. The shocks were felt as far as Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

The first quake struck at 9pm near Halabjah, Iraq, which puts the destructive Mars square Pluto on the IC (base of chart) and Descendant – so sitting on the chart axis. With a disruptive Uranus in the 10th. Although there were fewer victims on the Iraq side, the country 23 Aug 1921 chart does have a late Leo Sun which was directly aligned with this year’s August Solar Eclipse and opposing next February’s Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. And the Iran February 1979 country chart had its Sun Mars in Aquarius rattled by the August Lunar Eclipse and the approaching late January Lunar Eclipse.

Set for Halabjah, the August Solar Eclipse had Pluto on the MC opposition Venus IC square Uranus on the Ascendant opposition Jupiter – so very much a significant location for an Eclipse effect.

Zimbabwe – wresting control from Mugabe



A bloodless coup in Zimbabwe has effectively corralled the ageing President Robert Mugabe and his profligate wife Grace, who was being lined up as successor. Emmerson Mnangagwa, whose firing as vice-president precipitated the army takeover, told Mugabe that the party was “not personal property for you and your wife to do as you please”. Nearly forty years of disastrous Mugabe rule has left the resource-rich country in economic ruin with money from diamond mines rolling into the pockets of many of his senior aides.

Grace Mugabe, 23 July 1964, is a Sun Leo with Jupiter in indulgent Taurus in a grandiose opposition to Neptune. She has bought homes in Dubai and South Africa, spent £3million of state funds on her daughter’s wedding, acquired a £300,000 Rolls-Royce and her three sons flaunt their wealth while seven in ten citizens are stuck in poverty.

Mugabe took over as president on 4 March 1980. This year tr Neptune has been conjunct the Presidency Pisces Sun, undermining his power. There’s also a Fire Grand Trine of Neptune trine Venus in Aries trine North Node, with Venus opposition Pluto – so controlling and entrepreneurial – though the only people benefitting were those close to the seat of power. Tr Uranus is at the moment hitting on both Pluto and Venus

Zimbabwe became independent at midnight on 18 April 1980 and this was always going to be its most unstable period with tr Uranus conjunct the Aries Sun, having been opposition Pluto in recent times, and about to oppose the MC from early 2018. It’ll be a long haul back to economic prosperity with tr Pluto trine the 8th house Saturn in 2018/19; and a downbeat Solar Arc Saturn opposing the Zimbabwe Sun within months. The risk is that the replacement rulership will have its own flaws.

Mnangagwa appears to have been born in 1942 or 1946, so no help there. The army General Constantino Chiwenga, 25 Aug 1956, is a confident and tough Sun Jupiter in Virgo with Sun conjunct Pluto; and Saturn in Scorpio square Pluto and triune Mars. Grace Mugabe is popular with younger voters so there’s real danger of a civil conflict on the streets. And she does have tr Pluto trine her Jupiter in 2018/19 so she’ll be in a bullish mood.

Bryan Cranston – all good things come later with Saturn



Bryan Cranston is getting rave reviews for his performance at the National Theatre as an ageing news anchorman going nuts in Paddy Chayefsky’s prescient 1976 Oscar-winning satire on the state (and future) of American TV.  Told he is being given the sack Howard Beale blithely announces during the ensuing bulletin that he intends to kill himself on air. He becomes a ratings sensation with his catch phrase “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore”. It’s a tilt at the corporate power of the networks, whose only priority is – guess what? – money.

Cranston, 7 March 1956 10.52 am Los Angeles, was brought up mainly by grandparents, and he has described his actor parents as ‘broken people’ who should never have had children. He had a jobbing, low-key career until landing in his fifties the lead of Walter White, chemistry teacher turned meth manufacturer, in Breaking Bad which became a gargantuan hit

He has a 10th house Pisces Sun, good for movies and a career that brings him public attention. His Moon aspects, not surprisingly with such a disrupted childhood, are stressed with an 8th house (grandparent nurture) Capricorn Moon opposition Uranus square Neptune opposition Venus in late Aries. Luckily he also has a confident Jupiter Pluto in Leo opposition his MC Mercury in Aquarius squaring onto a 6th house Saturn in Sagittarius. So very hard working, conscientious, suited to a career with a good deal of variety. A focal point Saturn also often brings success later in life.

When Breaking Bad launched in 2008 tr Uranus was moving through his 10th house conjunct his Pisces Sun. Uranus is a wild card bringing jolting and unwanted changes of direction for some, and for others a game-changing role. His Solar Arc Mars was also opposition his Pluto which would be challenging with the pressure of work; but whose criminal intent he turned to good use in the role of good guy gone rogue.

He now writes, directs and produces – and is able to pick and choose his roles. He looks set for a long career ahead of him, though with a few emotional bumps and jolts now till the early 2020s with tr Uranus and tr Pluto bouncing off his Moon, Uranus and Venus; and a career dip or two as tr Neptune is conjunct his Moon in 2019.

Jelena Dokic – smiling through the pain



Jelena Dokic, the former World No 4 tennis player, has revealed in her autobiography Unbreakable how her coach father beat her to the point of unconsciousness when she lost matches, drove her almost to the point of suicide and made her sign all her winnings over to him. Questions are being raised about why more wasn’t done by the tennis authorities to stop him. He was banned from the tennis circuit for six months in 2000 after a series of outbursts, including a physical altercation with a camera crew and smashing a journalist’s phone. He was jailed in 2009 for threatening the Australian ambassador in Serbia with a hand grenade.

Born 12 April 1983 at 9.23am Osijek, Croatia and now an Australian citizen, she has an Aries Sun opposition Pluto which does suggest a controlling, dominating father. Worse her Pluto conjunct Saturn in early Scorpio is opposition Mars in Taurus, which points to a violent, cruel father. Her Sun is trine Neptune and her Aries Moon is trine Uranus Jupiter in Sagittarius, which gives her a healthy dose of Fire signs to give her inspiration, optimism and faith. Like Prince William, she has a Yod focal point Venus in Taurus inconjunct Neptune sextile Pluto, which initially could make her feel awkward and out-of-place in social situations. But ultimately will suit her for a positive role in society, helping others to adjust their values and attitudes.

Nowadays she coaches and commentates on tennis; and is still in contact with her father – her Neptune putting a gloss on the worst of times? She does have a thyroid condition and 2018/19 look fairly challenging with tr Pluto square her Sun and tr Uranus opposition her Pluto Saturn and then conjunct her Mars in 2019. She’ll be a long time healing from that kind of emotional and physical abuse.

US Election 2020 – mountains to climb before then



American elections are a way of life. No sooner out of one grindingly drawn-out and obscenely expensive steeplechase of a campaign, than everyone is panicking about the next.

The last three presidents, Obama, GWB and Clinton, all had two term stints, before that not so much. What won Trump his first surprise victory in 2016 was a congregation of aspects to his lucky Jupiter. Those influences have now moved away. In November 2020 he does have tr Jupiter Pluto trine his Sun/Moon midpoint (popularity for a politician) and trine his exuberant Mars/Jupiter midpoint; plus a nerve-stretching tr Pluto opposition Mars/Uranus exactly on the election and a deeply frustrating/enraging tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Mars midpoint through 2020 and over the 2021 Inauguration. If his birth time is accurate then the triple conjunction of Jupiter Pluto Saturn are trine his 24 degree Taurus midheaven just after the election and across the inauguration. So he has probably more positives than negatives.

But he still has to get there, physically as well as in career terms. The Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Mars in early 2018 will rattle him up considerably and could, in a person of his age and unhealthy lifestyle, result in physical problems. Tr Uranus is also square his Pluto through 2020 into 2021 which again can bring massive jolts. And from early 2019 through 2020 he has a hugely discouraging and stressful tr Pluto opposition his Saturn and then Venus in Cancer. Plus a highly-strung tr Neptune square his 10th house Uranus.

Mike Pence is walking into a swamp from May 2018 onwards till late 2019 with tr Neptune square his Gemini Sun; with a poleaxing Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Uranus in late 2019/2020. Though he might be in better form over the 2020 election with the tr Jupiter Pluto in Capricorn conjunct his Solar Arc Jupiter and opposition his Sun/Pluto midpoint.

Joe Biden will be 78 at the next election, and although hugely determined with Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio with Mars square Pluto, he’s not in his best of times (birth time being accurate) with tr Saturn still buried in his 1st quadrant. He looks deflated and sad in 2019 with a couple of difficult Solar Arcs. And although tr Jupiter Pluto will trine his Virgo MC beforehand and impact on his Jupiter in Cancer just after, he does have tr Pluto square his Mars. Neptune midpoint over the election which is usually not great news.

But it’s ways too soon to worry about what may or may not happen in three years time. What is certain is that the USA is going through a hugely challenging, stressful and neurotic time around then. The tr Jupiter Pluto Saturn in Capricorn are all conjunct the USA Pluto and opposition the USA Mercury and trine the US Neptune in Virgo, which will, with hindsight, be a turning point in US history. The USA Mercury opposition Pluto does tend to bring fanatical and right-wing beliefs to the fore.    2019/2020 tr Neptune is in a panicky, uncertain square to the US Solar Arc Saturn – and from spring 2021, even worse, is square the US Mars through into 2022, which will bring a pervasive sense of failure.  So whoever gets in will not be overseeing a happy country. The 2021 Inauguration chart for the next administration, assuming normal dates and times, looks control-freaky and explosive.


Jared Kushner – flying too near the sun



Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law was to be the boy wonder of the new administration fixing a Middle East peace that had defeated multiple presidents, sorting the opioid crisis, reorganising government IT and another ten impossible things before breakfast. Vanity Fair acidly remarked “Given his track record, it’s unclear whether Kushner is even qualified to work as a White House intern — his only two professional achievements of note have been buying and running a newspaper into the ground and running his family’s real-estate business while his father was in prison, striking a deal that a decade later is still haunting his family.” The 5th Avenue building he bought for $1.8 billion on the eve of the financial crisis, has a 30 percent vacancy rate, an expected loss of $24 million this year, and a $1.2 billion mortgage that is due in February 2019. Despite scouring the world for foreign financiers to fend off his gigantic problem he’s come up empty handed so far. And he’s hovering on the periphery of the Mueller investigation, which could prove an unwelcome distraction from saving the world and refinancing his family empire.

Born 10 January 1981, he’s a Sun Capricorn square Pluto, a chip off daddy’s block; with a stubborn Mars in Aquarius trine Jupiter Saturn in Libra, and a Pisces Moon. This December/January 2018 tr Uranus will oppose his Pluto for some radical changes in his life, and tr Pluto will conjunct his Capricorn Sun from February 2018 to late 2019 which will see him facing a punishing series of challenges. He’s also due an almighty jolt from Solar Arc Sun square Uranus anywhere from mid 2018 into 2019.

His relationship with Donald Trump has a friendly, overly confident composite Sun opposition Venus Jupiter; but also an ego-clashing Mars Neptune conjunction; and more significantly an exact Yod of Pluto sextile Mars (Neptune) inconjunct Mercury. That Yod suggests a relationship that will bring extreme alterations in both of their lives. For Kushner that has already been the case. Though there may be other consequences to come. As if they were fated to be together and fate will dictate what comes next. There’s a fair amount of strain this month with tr Pluto square the composite focal point Mercury; and more of a rift from early 2018 as tr Saturn squares the composite Sun.

There are also indications of a disruption in the relationship chart between Jared and Ivanka this Dec/Jan 2018 with tr Uranus opposing the composite Pluto with a continuing strand of disappointment and failure in 2017and 2018 as tr Neptune squares their composite Sun. Tr Uranus will oppose her Jupiter/Pluto at that point which could suggest some positive outcomes, but she’s on edge through next spring; and generally feeling she’s not on the winning side in 2018/19. With a major shift in their relationship with her father from April 2018 onwards.

Gove & Bojo -the gruesome twosome



The Tweedledum and tweedledee of UK politics, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson, appear to be over their knife-in-the-back mid-2016 spat when Gove wrecked Boris’s chances of running for the Tory leadership, only to run himself and lose. They are back together and have evidently sent Theresa May a secret letter dictating how the cabinet should sharpen up over the Brexit negotiations, i.e. toe their line. A source described it as a “soft coup” against Theresa May and said she was now “their Downing Street hostage”.

To make matters worse, Gove this morning on television muddied the waters over the imprisonment in Iran of Nazanin Zagari-Ratcliffe, by suggesting the government had no idea why she was in Iran, rather than insisting she was on holiday to visit her parents.

Gove, born 26 August 1967 in London, is a Sun Mercury in Virgo, with Uranus Pluto also in Virgo; and a determined and vengeful Mars Neptune in Scorpio. He was born two weeks before Louis CK the US comedian who has admitted to the sexual harassment allegations made against him, with the same Virgo Sun and Mars in Scorpio. Two years earlier in 1965 when Mars was also in Scorpio conjunct Neptune, another two Virgos are also catching the headlines – Kim Davis and Bashar Assad. It makes for an unpleasant combination with alternative outcomes, many of them deeply negative.

Gove looks seriously stuck from early 2018 to late 2019 with tr Pluto square his Mars/Pluto; with a long run of undermining Neptune transits to midpoints from now onwards, the most damaging of which picks up from April next year through 2019.Plus in 2019/2020 tr Pluto squares his Mars/Uranus for a series of disasters.

His relationship chart with Theresa May is fraught and hostile at the best of times with a composite Mars trine Pluto, Mercury, Sun – so an ongoing tussle for the upper hand. It’s at daggers drawn this month, jangling through 2018; with worse in 2019.

His superficially friendly relationship chart with Boris Johnson, with a composite Sun Venus also has an ego-clash Mars square Neptune (one wins, the other feels damaged). Their bubble will burst a touch over the New Year; and a major rift will widen the cracks mid 2018 onwards.

Theresa May’s relationship with Boris, definitely a marriage of inconvenience, is in the mire this month with tr Pluto conjunct the composite Saturn; at odds in March 2018 and spitting teeth by 2019/2020 with tr Pluto square the composite Mars. They were never destined to occupy the same space with comfort with a differing-agendas composite Sun Uranus and an outright-dislike Mars square Saturn.

A bunch of fifth-rate creeps, crawlers and losers intent on NOT governing the country while they fight their petty rivalries for the Tory leadership. What happened to the national interest?