Winter Olympics – Kim Jong Un playing nice?



Unexpected co-operation between North and South Korea over the Winter Olympics in February, which includes marching under a unity flag, has brought a sharp backlash in South Korea. Japan has warned that Kim Jong Un is just buying time to continue his nuclear missile programme and Rex Tillerson says the USA is not easing up pressure either. It would certainly suit North Korea to unify and move the USA out altogether but that’s hardly likely to happen.

The Olympics chart, 9 Feb 2018 8pm Pyongchang, SK, isn’t too illuminating and Olympics are always fraught anyway with possibilities for mishaps in organisation rife. Though it does look reasonably bad-tempered with Moon Mars in the 3rd; and there’s an unstable 5th house Pluto square an 8th house Uranus. The Aquarius Solar Eclipse at 27 degrees Aquarius falls on the 15th which will certainly rattle up SKorea with its Sun, Saturn, Mercury in Leo in line for a shake-up. Locating the Eclipse to  P’yongch’ang it puts Jupiter on the midheaven which could be great success, though Jupiter isn’t always beneficent on these charts.

The SK/NK relationship chart does look at high tension next month with tr Uranus opposition the composite Mars; and continuing to be on edge throughout the year.

Japan, which has a bitterly toxic interface with NK, with a composite Mars opposition Pluto, will be even more uptight from March onwards, blocked in April and generally disbelieving.

The USA, off balance with this latest manoeuvre, will be on high alert after mid March with more sparks flying; and applying maximum pressure.

Kim’s leadership chart, 29 December 2011 11.57am, is facing a setback, exactly as the Winter Olympics closes in late February with tr Saturn conjunct the Sun Pluto. Across this odd turn of events next month the Solar Arc Uranus is coming to close the square to the Sun Pluto, which certainly indicates a turnaround, though usually of an unstable variety.

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  1. Tho it does appear out of step with his rhetoric, Mister Kim did throw a monkey wrench into Drompf’s schemes of warmongering with a unified Kora at the games. I do wish the atheletes well!

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