Wilmer Valderrama – a good friend to Demi



Wilmer Valderrama was at Demi Lovato’s side in hospital after her overdose (see previous post) before she moved home to her family away from LA. They were an item for six years before splitting in 2016 and she evidently regards him as a solid friend. He’s an actor, producer, singer and television personality, recently as a regular on NCIS.

Born 30 January 1980, Miami, Florida, he was brought up partly in Venezuela and started getting stage and TV roles when still at school. He’s a Sun, Mercury in Aquarius with a Cancer Moon, a trio of planets in Virgo and a musical Venus in Pisces opposition Mars in Virgo square Neptune. Definitely designed for showbusiness.

His Venus in Pisces and Jupiter Mars in Virgo connect well with Demi’s Venus Jupiter in Virgo. Though his Sun is conjunct her Saturn and his Mercury is squared by her Pluto, so it wouldn’t all be picnic and roses. She’s a Sun Leo with a Taurus Moon while he’s an Aquarius with a Cancer Moon – so Fire Earth with Air Water – very different personalities.

Their relationship chart has a Venus, Uranus, Jupiter and maybe Moon T square for social fun; though with heavier undertones from Mars square Pluto and a see-saw Jupiter square Saturn, so up and down.  He does look concerned through this year; and exactly now with the Lunar Eclipse opposing his Sun. He’ll get a major step up and success in 2020 and an even bigger and better one in 2021.

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