William Barr weaponising and warping the DoJ


The Justice Department has abandoned its prosecution of Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser, one of the most prominent cases brought by Robert Mueller. Flynn confessed and pleaded guilty until William Barr was appointed as Attorney General at which point he changed lawyers and plea.

The FT remarks “Dropping the Flynn case turns Bill Barr into Donald Trump’s political sword. Pardoning cronies is offensive but precedented. Using DoJ to go after enemies is Nixonian.” Edward Luce added that Barr’s role appears to be more akin to Thomas Hagen, the family lawyer to the Corleones in The Godfather movies.

A Protect democracy spokesman said: “It is a small step from using the law as a shield to protect the president to using it as a sword to go after his political opponents. Everyone at the DoJ should resist these efforts, blow the whistle where appropriate, and resign, if necessary, to uphold their oath to our constitution.” Trump has already referred to the FBI investigators as having committed “treason” and as “human scum”.

Barr’s relationship with Robert Mueller, supposedly close in bygone years but damaged by Barr’s deliberate misinterpretation of the Mueller Report when it was still under wraps, is now into freefall. Their relationship chart has a volatile Mars square Uranus Venus which tr Neptune is now pulling apart in opposition to Mars, starting exactly now, and that downhill slide will extend on through 2021. The Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse this June and in particular the December Sagittarius Solar Eclipse will threaten to blow up their connection altogether. There’s also a jolting tr Uranus square the composite Saturn through this June, and this October, which might give one hope that Mueller could find himself a backbone and speak out. Good men not speaking out are becoming a national shame in the USA.

Barr’s swearing in chart (no verified time) does have tr Neptune square the Jupiter exactly now which often indicates ‘false happiness’ or over confidence, which down the road turns into disappointment; with major glitches mid June to mid July and again in December.

His personal chart will be badly afflicted from late August to late November with tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Saturn and more so from early October to late January 2021 with the catastrophic tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Saturn midpoint.

See previous post January 17 2020 on Barr.

‘William Barr, Trump’s Attorney General, written off by Nancy Pelosi as “rogue”, a proven liar and obfuscator over the Mueller Report and the FBI and now implicated in the Ukraine dirty dealings leading to impeachment, appears to be a fundamentalist Christian as well.’

11 thoughts on “William Barr weaponising and warping the DoJ

  1. Barr is associated with Opus Dei. US is now living in a Dan Brown novel. Gets more insane every minute. Pray for us.

    • Curiously, the website for Opus Dei has published a disclaimer. It says William Barr is not a member of Opus Dei. I thought this was quite odd.

  2. Just a curious observation about Barr’s natal chart: the 12 noon time provided acting as a stand in for an unknown birth time (I assume)… with his round, doughy face, though, I suspect he actually has Cancer rising. A Cancer AC may throw his Uranus into the 12th house, which could certainly be suggestive of his orchestrating some shocking stuff behind the scenes of a large institution like the U.S. Justice Dept. I’ve long wondered if what we see about him is merely the tip of the iceberg…

  3. I hope Sally Yates gets the top cop job in the new admin next year. Justified given her credentials and how she was treated in 2017. And would be equally justified in retribution against Trump and his wretched minions.
    I’m salivating for the day those alleged sealed indictments against Trump are revealed.

  4. My first thought is that when Trump promised to ‘drain the swamp’, he meant drain the swamp of the good people, who are his ‘bad people’ – the people who challenge and question him on his every move. When you hear him speak of the ‘bad people’ it all makes sense …. the swamp is relative!

    The ‘good people’ appear to want to sit tight and hope they make it through this in some sort of tact. There seems to be no honor anymore in ‘fighting for the cause’ as was the justice Nixon experienced. It’s almost as if that scenario replay of today is on its head!

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