William Barr – sucked into the Trump black hole


Despite his best efforts, William Barr, the Attorney General, is being dragged down into the rapidly expanding Ukraine impeachment affaire. It appears he and Mike Pompeo, according to multiple reports, ‘collectively participated in contacts between Trump and leaders of at least four foreign countries.’ These contacts were variously aimed at producing stories that could damage Joe Biden or undermine the US intelligence community’s assessment from 2017 of Russian election tampering in the last election. Barack Obama’s former speechwriter Jon Favreau tweeted “The America First crowd is jeopardizing our national security by pressuring foreign governments to help them discredit our intelligence officials and rig our elections.”

Barr always did look in for an exceptionally panicky and uncertain term (see posts April 18 and May 1 2019). From distorting the Mueller report to make Trump sound exonerated, he’s obviously continued along the same path in a job that is supposed to be non-partisan but using his position to support Trump’s political ends.

Mid November onwards looks rocky, with some lucky breaks, but they’ll disappear through a high-stress phase in late December and through January on both his personal chart and his relationship chart with Trump. Where the real calamitous aggravations crop up – which shows on the Pence and other related charts as well – is March/April 2020 and September 2020 to February 2021.


11 thoughts on “William Barr – sucked into the Trump black hole

  1. William Barr has not been ‘ sucked into a rabbit hole’ if you care to look and listen he testified to the Senate hearing on the Mueller report on 10th APRIL that “ there was to evidence to show that spying on the Trump team had occurred by Intelligence agencies “
    He is duty bound to investigate this.

      • larryc, I’m counting minutes to Fox News changing their narrative to “Trump got truly bad advice from his AG and Secretary of State”. Barr, and it now seems Pompeo, are unelectable, and as such, have no use what so ever for Rupert/Lachlan Murdoch, whose real challenge is to come up with a Republican Presidential Candidate who can come less than 3 million voted short of Democratic Candidate in National Election.

          • @larryc, there definitely are people who are fine with it as long as it’s not their children. Not only in The US, this already happens in Europe with people who are perfectly fine seeing people drowning.

          • Roger that.

            Perhaps after enough Happy meals/Cheeseburders, President Orange Man (oran gutan?) his arteries will have closed off to affect clear thinking.

            I’ve been watching his tirades…and who has not? He is not well.

            The innocent are always the easiest and most copious targets. Murder is the sport of the elected. (sting)

  2. Wasn’t he covering up Iran-Contra Affair? I think he was always “crooked”, just never found out.

    Also, WaPo WH corrispondant Josh Dawsey strongly alluded John Bolton is the source for breaking news on Barr and Pompeo yesterday. Bolton isn’t known for even temperament, and obviously has a thing or two to say about these two.

    • Revenge is a dish best served cold! Especially among Vipers. Pompeo was all gleeful and giddy when Bolton was excommunicated. Who’s laughing now?!

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