WHO – another of Trump’s dartboards

Trump’s latest distract-and-divert blame-game has landed on the World Health Organisation, as he proclaims he intends to stop funding after a 90-day review. This despite the fact that the WHO was warning about the virus from late January. Bill Gates said: “Halting funding during a world health crisis is as dangerous as it sounds.” But it had the required effect of grabbing the headlines.

The US is the global health body’s largest single funder, giving more than $400m in 2019. There are legitimate grounds for criticism of the WHO but it has been more on the ball this time round than many governments, particularly the USA.

The constitution was signed on 22 July 1946 at 3.l30 pm in New York and it began on 7 April 1948.

Both charts sit uneasily with Trump’s. The 1946 is close to his own though the Mars is in Virgo and squares his Uranus Sun and Moon for an irritable chemistry. The 1948 chart is worse with the Pluto Saturn Mars in Leo aligned with his vengeful and bombastic, grandiose Mars; and the WHO Uranus in Gemini colliding with his Sun and Moon.

The 1946 chart has the panicky-failure tr Neptune opposition Mars and square Uranus this month extending on and off into 2021; with a major turbulence in 2021 from tr Uranus square the Pluto. The 1948 chart has an upsetting Solar Arc square the financial Venus exactly now and the disruptive tr Uranus square Pluto in 2021.

Trump has been warned that his severing ties with international organisations only makes it more likely that China will step into the vacuum and gain in power and influence.

4 thoughts on “WHO – another of Trump’s dartboards

  1. Truth is other countries pick up the tab, in fact smaller countries pay more for the WHO, than the USA. He pulled Family Planning funding from Africa and the Netherlands and France picked up that bill from memory. Who cares President Trump and followers? The world survives anyway. In fact celebrity leaders, like other celebrities, I think are kind of over……

  2. Everything Trump is saying is designed so that in the lead up to the election he can blame the recession/depression and the handling of the pandemic on someone/something else – such as the WHO or the democratic governors.

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