Washington & Beijing – provoking the dragon



Tit-for-tat increases in trade tariffs between Beijing and Washington have sent the Dow Jones into a screaming slide downwards and alarmed even Republican politicians with agricultural voters. The Washington Post announced that Trump ‘has no idea what he’s doing’ and said this was just his standard technique when nearing completion on a deal, which was expected in this case, to try to extract better terms. Except China is the wrong target to pick for idiotic games. And even Fox News’s Chris Wallace debunked Trump’s falsehood that these tariffs were a charge against China, by getting economic adviser Larry Kudlow to admit that China is not paying the tariffs. In fact, they amount to a tax on U.S. consumers.

There’s no doubt that China, even more than Iran, is Trump’s toxic hotspot. Relocating his chart there puts his bombastic, aggressive Mars in Leo in the 7th and his Pluto conjunct the Descendant from the 6th; and his Jupiter and Neptune in the 8th, suggestive of financial high hopes that run to over confidence. His relationship chart with China is grimly hostile (couldn’t be worse) with a composite Pluto, Sun, Saturn, Mars conjunction – and that isn’t ever going to sort.

Trump’s Administration chart has a financially unlucky (or self-defeating) 8th house Saturn square Mars Venus with the financial Venus conjunct Neptune.  Plus a massively over-pushy, law-unto-himself Jupiter opposition Uranus square Pluto which is being amplified by tr Pluto closing aspects to exact over the rest of this year and next. Pluto Jupiter especially can lead to conflicts with authorities because of a tendency to assume rules, regulations and laws can be ignored for self-centred reasons.

The NY Stock Exchange 17 May 1792 11.30 am has tr Neptune opposition the Mars picking up for the first time on May 1st, running on and off till late 2020, which is a classic negative for ambitions and money, bringing panicky failure. This first exact aspect sticks around till mid August. The Dow Jones, 26 May 1896 8.11 am NY, has a couple of car-crash and heavily restrictive Solar Arcs – Sun opposition Mars, and Saturn square Pluto – just over the exact aspect at the moment but still in effect for several months. With a couple of disaster-prone transits to midpoints running till late 2020.

It’s not that China don’t need reined in from their multifarious sharp practices but a blundering elephant ain’t going to get results.

Dear Lord, if I’m very good, can you please sort out politics everywhere and bring more interesting and uplifting happenings.

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  1. “Trump: No collapse in talks, tariff war ‘a little squabble'”

    I suppose a nuclear exchange would translate into an egg tossing? His next posting should be along the lines of “We’ll see!”


  2. I was actually thinking if it were possible to find the time of the start of this trade war online somewhere. I presume that that would be the first-tariffs announcement on Twitter.

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