Vladimir Putin – punching the air with glee

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Vladimir Putin’s Presidency chart, 7 May 2012 12.10 pm Moscow, always did look in for a stupendous triumph as the Solar Arc Sun moved to conjunct the 10th house Jupiter, exact exact over the US Inauguration 2017 (one minute = a sixtieth of a degree).  His term is over its early instabilities and is definitely flying high with a getting-a-firm-grip tr Pluto trine the Sun, again this January as it has done in 2016, until late 2017. Into 2018/19 tr Pluto is trine the Presidency Jupiter which is more confidence and success.  There’ll be a few wobbles and arguments when tr Uranus is opposition the Saturn and conjunct Mercury in April/May 2017 and on, but the warm glow will continue through till the next election in 2018 when he’s eligible to stand again.

His own chart, 7 October 1952, is facing considerable challenges but he’ll be forging ahead nonetheless with a pushily confident and successful tr Pluto trine his Jupiter in 2017/18. His natal ruthless Pluto in Leo trine Mars in Sagittarius is forming into a Fire Grand Trine with tr Uranus in Aries in trine to both, so his risk-taking entrepreneurial spirit will be sky rocketing, which won’t do nerves in the East European ex-Soviet countries any good. Tr Pluto is opposition his Uranus in 2017/18 which does suggest a major turnaround in his life.

On the downside he’s got a tough tr Pluto square his Saturn this coming year, as last; with a highly-strung tr Uranus opposition his Neptune Mercury; and from 2018 tr Pluto square his Neptune.

His relationship with Rex Tillerson is friendly with a composite Sun Venus trine Jupiter. It’ll get the separating tr Saturn conjunction to the composite Sun, then Venus and Uranus in 2018/19, so may not stay as cosy.

Trump’s relationship with him is more controlling with a composite Sun Pluto conjunction. Putin’s Jupiter is conjunct Trump’s MC so Trump clearly sees him as a road to his success. But these Plutonic relationships have a habit of deteriorating and ending up in a tug of war for supremacy. There’ll be a definite hiccup between them from this May onwards as tr Uranus opposes the composite Mars, and that repeats till early 2018.

The USA relationship charts with Russia 1917 and 1991 look much less cheerful with undermining Neptune transits to the composite Sun Saturn on one and Mars on the other from mid May 2017 onwards  till early 2019. Plus downbeat Saturn transits. So the US leadership may not be singing from quite same hymn sheet as the US population.

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