Vladimir Putin – puffed up and favoured by the fates

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Vladimir Putin is on a definite high and pushily confident over the next couple of years. His Presidency chart, 7 May 2012 12.10pm Moscow, has the Solar Arc Sun conjunct the 10th house Jupiter, exact over Trump’s inauguration, but still in effect for months ahead; with a stronger-control tr Pluto trine Sun this year, and successful trine Jupiter in 2018/19. Though there will be a few jangles when tr Uranus opposes the Saturn in April and Dec to Feb 2018; and a popularity sag with tr Saturn opposition Venus in July and October.

His own chart also has tr Pluto trine Jupiter from this month till late 2018 which again will give him an expansionist urge. Though tr Pluto is also opposition his Uranus (2018/19) and square his Saturn later in the year which will be disruptive and discouraging; and tr Pluto squares his Neptune in 2018/19 which will be high-tension. Plus he has a panicky-failure Solar Arc Neptune conjunct his Mars, probably exact in 9 months. So he may take a step too far and come to regret it.

His relationship chart with Donald Trump has a composite Sun Pluto conjunction, of which Robert Hand says – “this relationship will have deep and long-lasting effects on you” and “will have a very powerful effect on other people. You may find that together you can control and manipulate others in ways that would never be possible individually. The effects of Pluto are always powerful. Use that power carefully, because if it is misused, others will respond violently and even join together to put you down.” And like all Plutonic relationships there will be a struggle for the upper hand with underlying resentment.

There will be the possibility of a rupture come this May when tr Uranus opposes the composite Mars with a competitive edge coming into play as both fight to express themselves in a challenging way – which won’t sit well with their joint Pluto. That influence repeats in October and March 2018.

On the synastry, Putin’s Jupiter is conjunct Trump’s MC, so DT clearly thinks Putin is his route to success. But that apart, it’s a tricky cross over with Putin’s power-hungry Pluto conjunct DT’s Mars; and Putin’s Mars is conjunct DT’s Moon and opposition his Sun. So the latitude for arguments and ego-clashes as well as subversive tactics is considerable.

The USA relationships chart with Russia 1917 looks uncertain and fearful with tr Neptune opposition the composite Sun Saturn at 14 Virgo mid May to late July 2017, March, Sept/Oct 2018, January 2019. 2018 will certainly be on edge with tr Uranus square the composite Mars and trine Neptune.

The relationship chart between the USA and Russia 8 Dec 1991, also has a panicky-failure tr Neptune opposition Mars at 14 Virgo over the same dates as above. With a generally depressed and separated mood as tr Saturn moves round a conjunction to Pluto, square Uranus and square Sun – on and off throughout this year.

Despite all the noise around Trump’s nefarious or otherwise connection with Russia, a détente with Russia is not necessarily a bad thing. Though the danger would be that Putin thinks an amiably disposed Trump would give him carte blanche to move further into Ukraine and other ex-satellite Soviet countries.

4 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin – puffed up and favoured by the fates

  1. Astrology can be mindboggling!

    Donald Trump just sent a series of tweets accusing Obama – not FBI, CIA or any number of “letter organizations” of tapping his phones. The first tweet was sent 5.27 am EST, and it seems Aries Mars and Sadgittarius Saturn are trining Trump’s Mars.

    It will be a very interesting Saturday.

    • Standard Trump tactic – when under attack and on the defensive, ATTACK. It is wearing thin so people are beginning to discount his ravings.

    • I checked the time frame for the tweets. The first tweet was posted 6.35 am. Setting the chart for Palm Beach, Neptune-Mercury conjunction (0.02 degree orb) is Rising less than a degree from Ascendant. Astrology is amazing.

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