Vladimir Putin – into the breach without his spies



Vladimir Putin facing the dismantling of much of his intelligence network abroad will be sworn in for his 4th Term on May 7, usually around noon. It is not as successful as his previous 2012 term which had Jupiter Sun in the 10th and looks fractious and downbeat with a 10th house Sun trine both Saturn and Pluto in the 5th house of speculation and entertainment; with an explosive Mars Pluto square Mercury Uranus. It won’t be without significant crises and high-risk situations, especially in 2021/22. The Sun does oppose a 4th house Jupiter which points to a settled domestic mood. Neptune in the 7th is slippery where neighbours and agreements are concerned, though also indecisive. That’s all depending on a noon swearing in time.

His own personal chart (birth time unverified) has the panicky-failure Solar Arc Neptune opposition Mars still in effect, though fading. Tr Pluto is square his Neptune now till late 2019, which is uncertain, confusing, devastating; with an intense, mental-strain tr Pluto square Mercury in 2019/2020. He’ll be bullish at points this year with tr Pluto trine his Jupiter though lacklustre at others with Neptune around.  His midpoints point to major aggravations and frustrations in 2019/2020/2021; with an accident-prone, disastrous setback Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Mars in 2021.

His relationship chart with Russia 1917 does hint at quite a turnaround in late April/early May, November and February 2019 with tr Uranus square the composite Pluto and opposition the composite Mars Pluto – which looks exceptionally fraught and risky.


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