USS Milwaukee – embarrassing teething troubles

The USA Navy’s newest warship, USS Milwaukee, has ground to a halt only three weeks after being commissioned and is being towed back to harbour with engine trouble. It is a fast, agile, focused-mission platform designed for operation in near-shore environments yet capable of open-ocean operation.

It was laid down on 27 Oct 2011 and launched on 18 Dec 2013.

The laying down chart has a Mars in Leo opposition Neptune square Venus Mercury in Scorpio – so good for flashy publicity; with an overly expansive and probably overly expensive Sun opposition Jupiter in Taurus (nearly half a billion USD). That chart has a disruptive Solar Arc Uranus square Pluto now when it ceased to function. There’s another eruption of problems possibly when tr Uranus starts to square the Saturn from April 2016 onwards; and a panicky/failure Solar Arc Mars opposition Neptune in 20 months’ time. So it’s going to be a while before all the wrinkles iron out.

The launch chart 2013 has that awkward revolving-crisis Cardinal Grand Cross of Mars in Libra opposition Uranus square Pluto opposition Moon Jupiter. Interesting that it commissions and runs into trouble when Mars is back in Libra for the first time in two years. There’s a fair amount of mayhem on that chart for the next year as the Grand Cross moves by Solar Arc to close aspects to exact. It could ultimately be successful with Jupiter in there, but it will take time.

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