USA’s time of trouble and strife


“Remember it was White Americans who put you in the presidency, not radical leftists,” tweeted former KKK leader David Duke in response to Donald Trump’s half-hearted attempt to blame both sides for the white supremacist violence against peaceful protesters in Charlottesville. And the Washington Post is now directly comparing Trump’s modus operandi to Joseph McCarthy (URL below).

Both of which lock in to the key astrological transit on the USA chart from 2016 to early 2018. Transiting Uranus is squaring the USA Mercury in Cancer opposition Pluto, as it was in 1953/54 when McCarthy, having lied, smeared and ramped up hatred through his anti-Communist hearings, was finally tumbled. When he finally crashed and burned tr Uranus was exactly square the US Pluto.

Mercury opposition Pluto does exacerbate suspicion, paranoia, is associated with demagogues and those guilty of fraudulent misrepresentation, promotes over-intense debates with a drive for domination and little latitude for compromise, can teeter on the brink of nervous collapse through strain. Uranus is on an 84-year cycle of transits, so hard aspects come round every 21 years.

Trump, of course, learnt his McCarthy playbook from his mentor Roy Cohn (See post: March 7 2017). At the time, former president Harry Truman lamented “the rise to power of the demagogue who lives on untruth; it is the spread of fear and the destruction of faith in every level of our society.” A Post reporter Murray Marder described “a period of national turmoil. It was the closest we ever came to a real totalitarian atmosphere.” It wasn’t the media who brought McCarthy down since they’d been exposing his lies in the preceding years. In rural and low-income areas, he was deemed to have been unfairly vilified and gained support. Ultimately it was when the politicians turned against him and there was sufficient of an upswell of public opinion that his platform was demolished.

During another tr Uranus square the US Mercury opposition Pluto in 1973/4, Watergate was raging, escalating and ended with Richard Nixon’s resignation to avoid impeachment charges, as tr Uranus squared the US Mercury for the final time. VP Spiro Agnew had previously resigned faced with tax evasion charges.

Nixon died under the next tr Uranus hard aspect to the US Pluto opposition Mercury in 1994, then in Capricorn conjunct Neptune, so a very high-tension mood, as the Whitewater Investigation into Clinton financial dealings got underway, which although it fizzled out, did prepare the ground for the later impeachment of Bill Clinton over the Lewinsky affair. Jackie Kennedy also died, Superman Chris Reeves was paralysed, the Oklahoma bombing killed 169; and Newt Gingrich as Republican leader took over both houses, under a Democrat president.

So it has always been a significant and risky time in the US for presidents and the national morale, with the Republicans centre-stage. Back it comes round again and Trump is under multiple investigations which could lead to Federal indictments or impeachment ultimately; and the US is seeing an upsurge in far-right vitriol.

The USA Solar Return for July 2016 to 2017 was very strained, vengeful and explosive with Mars in Scorpio inconjunct Uranus; and New Moon opposition Pluto; as well as the neurotic with Saturn square Neptune. The Solar Return from July 2017 to 2018 is, if anything, more aggravated, dead-locked and prone to violence from Sun Mars opposition Pluto; and Mars Mercury square Uranus.





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  1. The fake news media reports that four CEOs have now resigned from Trump’s mfg council. His tweet on the matter: “I have many to take their place.”

    His presidency is unravelling.

  2. A good many of Sharon’s posts I just bin since I won’t have conspiracy theories peddled. Some I leave because I genuinely believe it is important to see how some think (if that’s not too polite a word for it.) See post on McCarthy – his support actually grew as the mainstream media tore him apart. To some extent the same goes for Trump. At the moment Scaramucci and Bannon are peddling pernicious nonsense about the “deep state” being out to get us/Trump. And they’ll be believed by a goodly chunk of paranoid people.
    What I think (!) Sharon’s post was trying to say was that the violent reaction to Trump was helpful since it would accelerate the cataclysm that would change the world for the better. She appears to lump him in with Netanyahu, Erdogan, Sisi, T May and Murdoch which doesn’t suggest she thinks he’s a good thing.
    The book she refers to: ”Postcards from the End of America is an unflinching diary of what Linh sees as the accelerating collapse of America. Tracking the economic, political, and social unraveling–from the casinos to the abandoned factories and over all the sidewalks in between–with a poet’s incisive tongue, Linh shows us the uncanny power of the people in the face of societal devastation.”
    Maybe I’m being overly charitable but the general drift I get is – that even bad things (Trump et al) can have a good outcome if they precipitate much needed change. And sometimes it does take a good going cataclysm to bring about progress – it doesn’t happen in a simple linear way. More like major pendulum swings to the very bad in order to waken people up to what is needed.
    Having said all that I’m not sure that post-Nixon the USA suddenly saw the light, or even post-McCarthy. The ingrained patterns which are inherent in a country’s temperament tend to reassert themselves. So more hamster-ing on a wheel. Round and round it goes.

    • Thanks, Marjorie! I appreciate your perspective and your moderating. As for Trump bring cataclysm and needed change, surely change is needed. But as a US citizen I feel like a child of an alcoholic (with alcoholic/delusional siblings as well), a backseat passenger in a car that’s weaving on the highway. Alcoholics often need to hit bottom before getting their act together, but unfortunately they put everyone else through hell along the way.

    • ” And sometimes it does take a good going cataclysm to bring about progress…”

      I’m an American and I’m not clear that we needed “progress” that would destroy the country. Which is what’s happening. I don’t think we needed “change”; evolution perhaps but what we’re experiencing now is simply destruction.

      Be careful what you wish for: often times, what comes up out of the ashes is much worse than what came before.

    • Crys – how much change have you seen? Or, evolution in the US? What do you consider change…or evolution? What Marjorie posted is close to the mark – “The ingrained patterns which are inherent in a country’s temperament tend to reassert themselves. So more hamster-ing on a wheel. Round and round it goes.” Have you fogotten what occured during the race riots in the 1960s? Have you ever watched a race riot? Do you consider that as destruction, evolution, or change? Are you suggesting nothing good came from those events?

      There is no gently going backwards into the future.

  3. Jo and Jennifer,

    Thank you for taking up the slack and responding to THIS person’s post. I was sickened by the first sentence and could not finish reading. Again, thank you both.

  4. You know, Sharon, every post you submit really sets my teeth on edge; not because you may or may or may not be wrong but because you’re HELLBENT on shoving your agenda down people’s throats. You are as irritating as the propaganda found on TV channels. It’s this endless list of wrongdoings packed into a nonsensical paragraph, much like a copy and paste tactic, but without any editing. It’s like you never breathe, just react, reACT, REACT and you must inform as many people as possible!! All without thinking in a rational or linear fashion. Such an irritating yawnfest.

    • I forgot to add, I think we should go easy on you because you really are showing signs of somebody who is mentally sick. Not because of the information there in your posts but by the way you can’t make sense of it when you present it. It just gets thrown in from all sides with no conclusions at all. It’s like pulling names and numbers out of a phone book and demanding others make sense of it. Please get help and I mean that sincerely. If you keep exposing yourself to such information in which you are powerless to do anything positive, it is going to chew you up from the inside which it looks like it is already doing. This is really not the website to get those kinds of points I think you are trying to make, especially on an astrological forum. Seriously, what can followers of astrology really do with this information? I’m as sick of the corruption out there as you are. Is there no real group you can join and be a part of so that you can vent in a healthy manner? Because it really isn’t here.

      • Jo, don’t personally attack. I read her post over morning coffee…nearly coughed it up…in laughter. THis is better than reality TV.

  5. Clinton would have been much much worse. Much. A criminal kleptocrat who would have guaranteed more of the same and all that Russia red herring and all. Trump is valuable for the changes in the world from the violent reaction to him like violent reaction to Netanyahu, violent reaction to Erdogan, violent reaction to Sisi, violent reaction to Theresa May, violent reaction to Murdoch. The repulsion to these Neo-Liberals and their corporate greed is changing the world to this zenith in the stars in 2020 which show the public clashing anger with concentrated wealth and corruption. Just reading Lihn Dinn’s book ‘Postcards from the End of America’ where he goes round USA on Megabus to 20 cites to show the Underclass and collapsing infrastructure showing America is a Third World Country due to Greed. The author talks to Chris Hedges ‘On Contact’ program on RT America YT. Shocking Greed and suffering of Military, Prison, Agro, Pharma Industrial Complexes draining public money into the hands of Corporate Thugs.

    • So what is your point Sharon?
      That Trump filling key government posts with his rich cronies who are scratching each other’s back and worshipping him like a dictator are making matters worse?
      What really is your point?

      • I take the point to be that Hillary would have been “same old, same old,” which for many Americans was not so good. Trump, by being so awful, will inspire a huge uprising of the left. Not at all sure I think that’s what will happen, but that’s what I took to be the thrust of the comment.

    • She is protecting her Man in Shining Armour. Already, King Trump is posting television adverts for his 2020 presidential run. I can see it now: “Trump: He has 2020 vision for America”.

      While he continues to attack nonexistent “enemies”…

      Sharon is in her own world. Isn’t it amusing? You simply cannot make this stuff up.

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