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The 2021 Inauguration chart is nothing like any Administration in recent times. It has Pluto conjunct the midheaven from the 9th with Sun, Jupiter Saturn in Aquarius square a 12th house Mars Uranus and Moon (assuming time is 12 noon).

Pluto hasn’t been in the 10th in a presidential chart since the early days. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison probably had it with 10am oath-taking on 3rd March 1801/4 and 1809 with a Pisces midheaven. Pluto can be control-freaky but also influential and transformational, pointing to a strong leader. Jefferson pursued vigorous trading policies; and was for religious freedom and tolerance although he kept slaves and forced the removal of Native Americans from their ancestral homelands. Both he and Madison were Constitutionalists and regarded as above average.

The USA 1776 chart does have tr Pluto opposition the USA Mercury in 2021 and moving to their First Pluto Return in 2022/23. I initially thought that might produce more of the fanaticism we’ve seen recently. But a previous hard aspect was around in 1933 to 1936 when Franklin D Roosevelt proposed the New Deal in response to the Great Depression – focusing on relief, recovery and reform. The next Pluto hard aspect to the USA Mercury opposition Pluto was in 1980 to late 1982, which covered the end of Jimmy Carter, then early Reagan – his Star Wars Defence Strategy, attempted assassination and ultimately the détente with Russia which ended the Cold War.

As to the Sun, Saturn, Jupiter square Mars Uranus Moon:- Woodrow Wilson’s Term had a Moon Mars Uranus in 1913 preceding WW1. George H Bush had Uranus trine Mars (Gulf War 1). GWB had an even more stark and warlike Mars opposition Saturn square Mercury Uranus though it was more obvious being across the Asc/Desc axis. 2021 looks like hidden disruption.

Jupiter Saturn in Aquarius could well point to a better balance between idealism (liberal and humanitarian policies) and materialism; as opposed to the crassly (and incompetently) commercial approach of this administration. Though if mishandled, Aquarius does have its fanatical side, so need not all be good.

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  1. Its that square to we the people moon conjunct revolutionary Uranus & Mars that has me …. because no matter who wins i see a radical revolt …No matter what ,if trump loses he will claim deep state conspiracy & his legions would react quite possibly violently … If he won you could see a huge revolutionary movement against him …the fact that he won whilst losing by nearly 3 million votes shows how extreme things could be .. although the sun saturn jupiter is in Aquarius it is still a sun saturn pluto which is fascist in its signature & obsessed with control … square the moon mars uranus ….. remember right wing coup attempts happened during the last time pluto hit usa mercury it could happen again (the business plot)

  2. U.S. presidential elections aren’t that easy to predict; we have an Electoral College, which means the person who gets the most votes isn’t always the winner. That Pluto/Sun/Saturn on the midheaven at the 2021 inauguration feels heavy-handed and uncompromising to me—no matter who is elected. The 2025 inauguration chart has Sun/Pluto conjunct in early Aquarius on the MC—I feel this puts a fine point of emphasis on the 2020 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in early Aquarius and that the Plutonian “rebirth” of the U.S. happens with the 2024 election. With Pluto involved on multiple levels, none of this will be easy.

    • Well, I think you’re right, KeepDreaming. What that conjunction says to me is that we Americans have made our bed and thus we will be forced to lie in it. The U.S. Pluto return will force us Americans to take a hard, nasty look at how our government has been shitting in that bed for about 2-1/2 centuries. And, sure, it’s gonna be real f*in weird and shocking. So your point is… what? That Trump was “destined” via his NN? Being captain of the Titanic on its “fateful” or “karmic” last journey conveys *no* superiority whatsoever, moral or otherwise. Rather, it speaks *volumes* about the consequences of hubris. Astrologer Linda Johnsen wrote quite an insightful analysis of Trump’s election, looking at it through the lens of jyotish, that appeared in the April/May 2017 issue of The Mountain Astrologer. I suggest you look it up. Her discussion of fate/karma is quite insightful.

  3. 2020 Election Trump has so heavy transits:
    Sa opp Ve
    Ur square Pl
    Pl opp Sa
    Chiron opp Ne
    Frankly, it doesn’t look good for him.

  4. I pick and mix my astrology across different schools (Vedic/Western, whole sign Aries=1st house, etc). Some quick points I would make based on the charts.

    As all the planets, except the Node are in the upper half, the 2021 administration is likely to be very outward facing, unlike the current inward facing “America First” administration. It suggests that the next President is not only not likely to be Trump, but likely his diplomatic antithesis.

    As an aside, I find this concentration of planets into just a third of the chart hard to interpret. Marjorie, can you comment on what such a strong stellium could indicate?

    In some interpretations, the Moon represents public opinion. The Moon being at the Anaretic Degree could suggest a public that is at the end of their tether, about one tweet/accident away from losing it altogether. A sign perhaps of extreme division in the country.

    Mars and Uranus being very closely conjunct could indicate the development of revolutionary new weapons, akin to the nuclear bomb. So, we will need to be much more worried on that front. It occurring in the 12th House suggests that it will occur secretly.

    In some interpretations of Vedic astrology, a planet is considered “burnt” or diminished if it is within 6 degrees of the Sun. In that interpretation, the effects of Pluto and Saturn may be diminished.

    Venus in the ninth House of learning, universities and foreign service may indicate both advances in fields of learning related to the feminine (anything from sexual health to female psychology) and possibly a female Secretary of State.

    • Marjorie,

      Studying an older chart of the US that you had published ( The 2021 chart shows a Pluto return that is almost complete, but also, Pluto will aspect (opposition) the US natal North Node at 6 Leo 35 soon thereafter. You had mentioned in a couple of articles that civil wars are normally associated with hard aspects of tr Pluto to the natal North Node. Do you foresee a civil war occurring towards the latter part of the 2021 administration?

      That would tie in with the Anaretic Degree Moon.

    • Marjorie,

      In your past posts, you had suggested that civil wars are likely when tr Pluto is in hard aspect to natal North Node. In the US’s case, natal North Node is at 6 Leo 35, while your chart for England 973 (not the UK, just England) has the natal North Node at 2 Libra 33.

      How will tr Pluto affect these two charts in the 2020s? There are hard aspects of tr Pluto to the natal North Node in both the US (opposition) and England (square). But how will the other planets influence developments?

      • Oh dear, it gets worse. The India Indepedence chart has the North Node at 28 Taurus 52. Another candidate for tr Pluto to aspect. Will the fact that it is trine and not a hard aspect make a difference?

        Also, India’s chart is worth a look. Except the North Node, all planets are in the lower half, indicating an intensely inward looking country. Even the North Node has only just made it out of the lower half by one degree.

        I am stopping to look any further. I have already foreseen likely civil war in the US, England and India 🙁

        • Open Society Foundations launch anti-nationalistic campaigns & propaganda under the gun. World takeover goal. China & Russia only Nationalistic countries left against the world.

      • Hardly. There was one Civil War. Admittedly 1941 was WW11 but the next hard aspect in 1986 saw the end of the Cold War. Momentous yes but not necessarily negative.

  5. I would like to draw attention to what I do not see here, too. Since Inauguration is fixed date and time – unless Jan 20th falls to weekend -, there really isn’t that much variation to certain things. Sun is always 0-1 degree Aquarius. Axes are fixed. Mercury and Venus stay at houses near Sun. Jupiter has a 12 year cycle meaning that since President’s term is 4 years, it mostly falls to 2nd, 6th and 10th houses, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. I also have to say I pay a lot of attention to houses in Mundane astrology, and use mostly equal house. What srtikes me here, lacking, is:

    – 6th house of service, healthcare and laborforce. Most recent Inaugurational Charts have some emphasis here. The chart that didn’t is 2001 chart, which has Mars directly on Descendant. Interestingly, neither did the 2009 Chart, but then, Affordable Healtcare Act passed early on, and that chart had Pisces Venus. We know what happened there. The most collectively shocking event in The US since WWII and two large scale Wars which dragged for over 10 years. With robotics and AI projected to make some of the most common jobs in The US (truck driver) obsolent in the next 10-20 years, lack of 6th house is actually truly disturbing. If this isn’t a concern for the next Administration, there’s something bad going on, I’m afraid.

    – 11th house of Parliament isn’t absent, but most Inaugural charts do have something besides slowmoving bodies and Juno here. The current one has a massive 8th house square 11th house buildup. Neptune/Juno also sextiles 9th house Venus. 2001 Chart had that nasty Mars on Desc trined by a supportive 11th house Venus. This Presidency won’t have the kind of tension from Houses the current one is going to have at least for the last two years (which makes me think Democrats are going to win the Midterms with a larger margin than projected, since Republicans are not opposing White House now).

    – 8th house of loan and banks is absent, too. That would make me believe we are dealing with a fallout, if there’s a financial crisis.

  6. Andy, Thanks. I’d skipped over Jupiter square Neptune which is financial bubble-bursting. High hopes dashed.
    When does it get more peaceful?

  7. It looks like economics and currency valuation issues will be leading the way here. Sometimes those types of issues, especially those that impact capital flows and the location of supply chains, can trigger war among nations. Next year, we have Jupiter in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces, which can be deflationary for asset prices, especially commodities. Saturn will be within 3 degrees orb of Pluto by late winter 2019. By then, the economy will certainly be slowing. Then we get to 2020, when multiple outer planet cycles come to a heads in late Capricorn. As Marjorie has pointed out before, a crisis of the major political and economic structures that binds our society together. And it will be happening during an election year! I think that debt will be a major issue, which will impact our overleveraged financial institutions significantly. They will no longer be able to kick the can down the road. It will be a period of reorganization.

  8. Hate to say it but the authoritarian overtones in this chart do not seem to indicate a Democrat presidency? What are the aspects like on Election Day?

    • There’s more to it than “election day” aspects. I would suggest considering both parties and the popular indies. There could be waxing influences that would divert electoral votes off the major 2 candidates. Marjorie would need to assess country charts, major individual charts, aspects with other countries…it isn’t simple.

  9. Looking at this chart, I think that the next president will be dealing with some type of major economic emergency that will require the Federal Government to marshal all of its resources to combat. The Taurus ASC points to material issues being a theme; the chart’s ruler, Venus is in Capricorn in the 9th house, pointing to foreign trade issues and structured finance as being a major sticking point.

    The strong 10th house emphasis, with the Sun very close to Jupiter/Saturn/MC in Aquarius in the 10th house points towards a strong executive, but that aspect squares Moon in Aries and Mars/Uranus in Taurus in the 12th house of hidden enemies, self-undoing and karmic debts. With Pluto approaching its return to its natal position in the US chart, it is clear that this administration will be dealing with major reforms that completely alters how it relates to other nations globally. It could be that some of the reforms the next president proposes will be heavily resisted by certain interests, who will use subterfuge (another 12th house theme) to stop. It is an explosive, change-oriented chart.

    With so many economic shifts happening, it wouldn’t be too surprising if war or civil conflict is triggered. Either way, it looks like the chickens are coming home to roost and the next president will have to deal with the substantial fallout from that, plus propose new reforms. The aspects in 2020 are also very heavy, with Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn conjunct. Mars in Aries, in retrograde that year, will also be squaring those planets through much of the 2020 general election season (Aug.-Dec.), which points towards scorched earth campaigning and possibly an financial crisis of some kind, as Capricorn/Aries placements tend to trigger economic issues.

    Clearly we are in the quiet before the storm…prepare accordingly.

    • An earlier post by Marjorie regarding a 2019-2021 conflict appears inevitable. If war breaks out, Trump can no longer blame Hillary &/or Obama. Well, he could … underneath a rain of radioactive ash…

    • The US Inauguration Charts always have 0-1′ Aquarius Sun and 13-14′ Taurus Ascendant, so unless something big is hitting them, that’s not especially significant. Taurus Ascendant is tightly trined by Venus here, which isn’t bad at all. 9th house is also Judicial Issues and Publishing in Mundane Astrology, while banks are 8th House.

      I forgot Jupiter will be in the 10th house on this chart, but that’s not unusual either. Every 3rd Adminstration gets this, including Obama’s first, Clinton’s second and Reagan’s second and Nixon’s second. Something that’s significant is that every single one of these instances is they featured stock market mayham. Clinton’s second had few “real economy” cosequences, though.

      • What are your thoughts of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius though? From what I am led to understand, that is not that common inaugral charts?

        • Last Jup Sat in Aquarius was in 1464 so not much help there. The conjunction comes around every 20 years but in the 20th Century always in earth signs.

    • With an Aries Moon, if this happens, it’s not someone with feminine qualities. I’m more inclined to think female president will happen in 2025, with a Venus/Saturn sextiling Mercury and Uranus. Also, Libra Moon.

      • Hmm, Moon Mars Uranus square Saturn in 2021 doesn’t look too feminine-favorable. 2025 does have Saturn and Neptune together in Pisces, not exact until after Inauguration. but that is better for women.

        • I guess there’s never going to be a *really* good match for a female US president, but 2021 is, in my opinion, just atrociously against it. I also kind of feel this chart might favor a military character. 29′ Aries Moon is a critical degree. And then there’s the Uranus/Mars conjunction 12th house. My instinct about this is, quite literally, military coup. I doubt this will happen, but if Trump starts to withdraw troops, that’s going to stir things up.

  10. Thank you, I really hope my country is able to pull it together because we’ve gone off the rails. Interesting that Venus, the chart ruler closet trines Taurus ASC, and North Node is in 2nd H, Taurus ‘ natural ruler. So guessing trade, treaties and international partnerships will figure strongly but in a more Venusian way than the wrecking ball we now have.

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