USA 2020 – who’ll shout loudest?


The USA will be into the thick of rancorous and aggravated debates in 2020 as Pluto starts to oppose the USA Mercury opposition Pluto from late February onwards, on and off till late 2021.

Pluto opposition Mercury does hint at a dark, fanatical streak in the US temperament. Ebertin associates Mercury Pluto with: demagogues, plagiarists, those who fraudulently misrepresent, slyness and cunning, irritability, and psychological pressure. Kept under control it can be persuasive and insightful.

Previous times of tr Pluto in hard aspect to the USA Pluto Mercury saw bitter anti-slavery fights under a Democratic President, 1845 to 1851; the Great Depression, 1933 to 1938, Roosevelt’s New Deal and J. Edgar Hoover in the FBI; President Reagan’s swingeing tax cuts leading to soaring budget deficit and high unemployment, a recession and his attempted assassination. Reagan was elected on tr Pluto square the USA Mercury in 1981.

All of this being a forerunner to the USA Pluto Return in 2022/23. See previous posts: November 19 2018 and October 29 2018 – on Pluto Return and Civil War.  Tr Saturn will also oppose the USA Mercury and conjunct the Pluto on and off throughout 2020 which will be discouraging, prone to the glooms and stuck at points, especially late November.

Tr Pluto will also be trine the USA Neptune for a second year running in 2020 – exact in January and mid August to late November across the election. Neptune Pluto has a span of meanings from an interest in the supernatural, to great confusion, obsessive or fantastical ideas, scandals and megalomania. The election is likely to be held under stressful (more so than usual) influences and the January 2021 Inauguration looks exceptionally fraught with Sun, Saturn, Jupiter in Aquarius square an explosive, no-compromise Mars Uranus in Taurus.

The Eclipses will impact the country with the effects of the December 2019 early Capricorn Solar Eclipse in opposition to the USA Venus Jupiter running through early months; the January Lunar Eclipse hitting on the USA Mercury; the July Lunar in Capricorn opposing the USA Sun; and the December 2020 Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius bouncing off the USA Mars and Neptune – some emotional upsets early on and a tendency to over confidence; a critical turning point vis a vis relationships mid year and a hot-tempered finish.

A touch like the UK, with whom the USA seems to be in an odd lock-step at the moment, 2021 in some ways looks even more troublesome with a panicky-failure tr Neptune square the USA Mars and opposition Neptune; the Mercury Pluto effect strengthening; and the Pluto Return drawing nearer.


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  1. I know we don’t want to imagine it, but these heavy Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter conjunctions and the coming US Pluto return both scream “Trump’s 2nd term” to me. Not sure how it’d come about, but it doesn’t look like a good decade for the rule of law in the US. Very disconcerting to think about, but I continue to have faith in my country.

    • I’m pretty certain, based on his personal charts, that DJT will have a very bad 2020 and thus is unlikely to be reelected, but he has already done enormous damage to Rule of Law by two SCOTUS and numerous lifetime Federal Judge nominations.

      Also, astrological influences here go well beyond 2020 Elections. There are several astrologers who see major shift happening in The US politics towards the mid-2020’s. I see this being tied to demographic factors. So called minorities will outnumber “white” majority in several US States around this time. They will also be majority in age group 18-29 by 2027.

      So, while 2020 Elections are likely to produce the last “boomer” or older POTUS and a “hung” Senate,
      there’s going to be a real shift eventually, turning point elections being those of 2024. Especially Senators, with their longer terms, are playing long game here, and I think Republicans know that with their current policies, they are doomed to be minority in all three legislative branches by 2028, but could hold courts well into 2040’s and 2050’s.

  2. I think Scorpio is on the ascendant at Washington DC for the Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn Ingresses in 2020. Mars is exalted in Capricorn for the Aries Ingress and is in domicile in Aries making a square to Pluto for the Libra and Capricorn Ingresses next year. The last one is exact and occurs at almost the same time as the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at 0 Aquarius. Stormy weather ahead.

  3. What I basically get from this is what most avid U.S politics pundits expect. That if Trump loses, he won’t accept it and is going to upset established norms for transition of power and his minions may cause some upheaval. So he mostly likely will not attend the inauguration of the new President. Hence, Pence may have to do the honors.

    • Troy, I agree. The likely scenario is he will jet to Mar-A-Lago at some point of the transition and the only time we hear from him are Giuliani style Fox News interviews and rage tweets.

      Although, I still think he won’t be on ticket 2020 at all, citing health concerns. But there’s a definite withdrawl, his 2020 Solar Return Chart set both for Washington DC and Palm Beach, Floride, where he now is officially resident, has a 12th house Sun.

      • This is a scenario I somewhat fear. While I couldn’t care less what happens to the moron personally, I don’t want Pence to replace him on the ballot. Reason? The Senate!
        Many “never Trumper” Republicans and the frustrated ones that reluctantly voted for him the last time are considering voting for Democrats down ballot as well; so long as Trump is there. If Pence replaces him then all bets are probably off for regaining the Senate as he would be more palatable; hence, an incentive not to vote Democrat in races that are vulnerable for the GOP. Though passions are high, gotta channel that Pelosi long term strategic thinking here.
        I keep coming back to Marjorie’s reading of Pence and Romney sometime ago. I came up with scenarios as soothing interpretations as to why they seemed chipper according to what she said, but I fear it’s because the GOP held the Senate.

    • Trump only opened that can of worms. Demagogue like this is now pervasive on every level of public discourse in The US. One can only hope that great portions of general public will, eventually, grow tired of this. I’ve often said Finland seems to be ahead of curve in many political developments (courtesy Sadgittarius Sun, maybe?), and this kind of shouting matches became pervasive here about 10 years ago. What I see happening in Finland, right now, for the first time in maybe 5 years, people getting tired of manufactured outrage. Biggest tabloid, which was established in the 1930’s during a failed (and I’d say doomed) Fascist Coup attempt, and has always had democratic Conservative leanings, has been going after Minister for Foreign Affairs for weeks now. Their seemingly neutral story about him spending 72 days abroad was, however, met with widespread “just quit, it’s his job” comments. Twitter practically died in Christmas Day, and this is very different from a year ago. It’s because people are obviously fed up with the shoutmatches. I do think that The US public will eventually come to the same conclusion.

      I also think this is going to play incredibly well for Biden in 2020, although I still think Trump will somehow “quit” before that (he has now been at Mar-A-Lago for days, but not golfed, which makes me think physical decline is very real for him).

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