US Election 2020 – mountains to climb before then



American elections are a way of life. No sooner out of one grindingly drawn-out and obscenely expensive steeplechase of a campaign, than everyone is panicking about the next.

The last three presidents, Obama, GWB and Clinton, all had two term stints, before that not so much. What won Trump his first surprise victory in 2016 was a congregation of aspects to his lucky Jupiter. Those influences have now moved away. In November 2020 he does have tr Jupiter Pluto trine his Sun/Moon midpoint (popularity for a politician) and trine his exuberant Mars/Jupiter midpoint; plus a nerve-stretching tr Pluto opposition Mars/Uranus exactly on the election and a deeply frustrating/enraging tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Mars midpoint through 2020 and over the 2021 Inauguration. If his birth time is accurate then the triple conjunction of Jupiter Pluto Saturn are trine his 24 degree Taurus midheaven just after the election and across the inauguration. So he has probably more positives than negatives.

But he still has to get there, physically as well as in career terms. The Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Mars in early 2018 will rattle him up considerably and could, in a person of his age and unhealthy lifestyle, result in physical problems. Tr Uranus is also square his Pluto through 2020 into 2021 which again can bring massive jolts. And from early 2019 through 2020 he has a hugely discouraging and stressful tr Pluto opposition his Saturn and then Venus in Cancer. Plus a highly-strung tr Neptune square his 10th house Uranus.

Mike Pence is walking into a swamp from May 2018 onwards till late 2019 with tr Neptune square his Gemini Sun; with a poleaxing Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Uranus in late 2019/2020. Though he might be in better form over the 2020 election with the tr Jupiter Pluto in Capricorn conjunct his Solar Arc Jupiter and opposition his Sun/Pluto midpoint.

Joe Biden will be 78 at the next election, and although hugely determined with Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio with Mars square Pluto, he’s not in his best of times (birth time being accurate) with tr Saturn still buried in his 1st quadrant. He looks deflated and sad in 2019 with a couple of difficult Solar Arcs. And although tr Jupiter Pluto will trine his Virgo MC beforehand and impact on his Jupiter in Cancer just after, he does have tr Pluto square his Mars. Neptune midpoint over the election which is usually not great news.

But it’s ways too soon to worry about what may or may not happen in three years time. What is certain is that the USA is going through a hugely challenging, stressful and neurotic time around then. The tr Jupiter Pluto Saturn in Capricorn are all conjunct the USA Pluto and opposition the USA Mercury and trine the US Neptune in Virgo, which will, with hindsight, be a turning point in US history. The USA Mercury opposition Pluto does tend to bring fanatical and right-wing beliefs to the fore.    2019/2020 tr Neptune is in a panicky, uncertain square to the US Solar Arc Saturn – and from spring 2021, even worse, is square the US Mars through into 2022, which will bring a pervasive sense of failure.  So whoever gets in will not be overseeing a happy country. The 2021 Inauguration chart for the next administration, assuming normal dates and times, looks control-freaky and explosive.


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  1. yes i had a look at that 2021 inauguration chart … very TENSE .with the moon representing the people being conjunct uranus & mars square a sun saturn jupiter conjunction .its like a civil war or revolution ?

  2. The Trumps are continuing to very cleverly and cynically play to the lowest-level, most bigoted right wingers in the states that gave him his electoral victory. I would be sickened, but not surprised, to see him re-elected. Currently (and unbelievably), the Senate race in Alabama gives the edge to a Republican sex pest over a respected Democratic attorney with an impressive civil rights conviction on his resume. Carefully read your earlier post on Kushner, with great concern;24 hours after its publication, Saudi citizens were asked to leave Lebanon, if I understood correctly. It’s a tough time to be an American. Feels almost like what I’ve read about the years in Germany just prior to WWII. I am absolutely stunned to witness, daily, this level of racism, sexism, gun fetishism, and abandonment of basic human civility in a mature democracy. Thank you for keeping an eye on all of this, Marjorie. It’s such an extraordinarily dark moment here.

    • Actually, latest polls show Doug Jones ahead by around 6 points. And that could grow with GOP having withdrawn financial support from Moore. If this happens with Trump, as well, he is done. His biggest financial supporter Bob Mercer is under IRS investigation for owning billions in back taxes. He could, of course, go all Bernie Sanders in 2020, but looking at the people he surrounds himself with, these are not the kind of people who can organize this.

  3. I know some other sites, maybe this one, too, have suggested 2o23 is when conservatives lose and the country shifts back to the left. But what I marvel at is how these charts can be interpreted in so many ways. Trump could feel “lucky” then because he gets a light prison sentence or be released at the time or because his health troubles ease or because whoever gets elected will get him out of jail or because he wins a second term or some real estate deal comes through, etc., etc. or perhaps he will be stuck in a gulag somewhere and we can just say, “Well, it could have been worse”—no firing squad, his daughter escaped a prison sentence so he’s happy, blah, blah, blah. —Best, Steve

    • For sure, there’s no clairvoyant vision that sees him on the podium in Jan 2021 – could be all manner of circumstances. And I hesitate to say it, he might even not be here since the chart rolls on regardless. There are limits to what the astrology will tell you.

  4. Fully agree on your description of 2021 Inauguration Chart – controlfreaky and explosive. Was it Pluto on midheaven and that chilling 12th house Mars conjunct Uranus square Jupiter and Saturn that got you there? Definitely not a chart for an old man (or woman) to work with, so the next President should not be older than in his or her early 60’s.

    • Unlikely, he’ll go down if Flynn does, because he lead The Transition that didn’t listen to the warnings. In fact, he took over after Chris Christie refused to nominate some of Flynn people. Unfortunately, there’s no birthtime for Flynn. In fact, I think that in about 18 months, when campaigns start, we are going to be looking at some very surprising names.

  5. If Trump’s age and unhealthy lifestyle doesn’t get him , Mueller’s investigation and the 2018 midterm elections will.Trump will not have a second term.

  6. Ugh. When does it look better?! Is there any light at the end of this bleak tunnel? There is a strong resistance movement in the US, with a huge wave of new progressive candidates running for local offices, building for the future. Unfortunately, lots of damage being done in the meantime.

  7. I have this horrible sinking feeling (after reading your post, Marjorie) that Donald Trump will be elected to a second term. I know it’s too early to imagine such a catastrophic event, but even some respected political pundits are predicting it. America is in a downward spiral.

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