Uranus in Taurus – Father Sky not an easy match with Mother Earth



On Tuesday Uranus moves into Taurus for the first time in 84 years. It spends seven years per sign and we’ve recently been through Uranus in fiery Aries, an explosive and rebellious combination.

The detailed post below is from October 2017. But I wondered whether looking back to the mythology might help to shed light on possible outcomes.

Uranus was the sky god married to the earth mother Gaia. He came down every night to mate with her and produced a huge brood of children, none of whom he liked – too brutish, too earthy. There were the twelve Titans of whom Saturn (Cronus) was one; the Cyclops (ugly one-eyed monsters); and the hundred-handed Giants (even uglier). Uranus so disliked the Cyclops and Giants that he imprisoned them underground and in revenge Gaia persuaded Saturn to castrate his father. Out of his blood spilled on earth sprang the avenging Furies and his genitals landing in the sea were transformed into Aphrodite (Venus). As an addendum Saturn re-imprisoned his younger brethren and was then cursed by his mother.

Not all sweetness and light, which is borne out by the below examples of previous Uranus in Taurus. It’s an odd mix since Uranus is light, airy, not comfortable with nature, the body, the earthy material realm. And Taurus is the most rooted of signs in all things physical and material. There will be innovations, since Uranus is nothing if not inspired and experimental. Trade will be a primary and possibly hot topic as the money-gatherers put profit before humanity.

October 2017 post:

Uranus, on its 84 year cycle, moves into Taurus May 15th 2018 staying for 7 years, the first time since 1934 to 1941.   Uranus is inventive and experimental and Taurus is earthy and practical, so no surprises that on previous occurrences there were new discoveries. In the later 1930s there were major advances in technology in aviation, radio, and film. On a previous occasion, in the late 17th Century, street lighting was introduced in London. There was also widespread exploration across the globe and major advances in astronomy, including the first sighting of Uranus (which was mis-named). Taurus being earthy and quite anal, no surprises either that sewage systems and toilets came to the fore.

Taurus is also acquisitive for money and possessions so from past experience trade became a pressing and not always compassionate drive. During the Uranus in Taurus of 1600 England starts trade with Asia; two Uranus in Taurus later it moves into Bengal with catastrophic results for the population; 2 million die in a famine and the East India Company raises their taxes and ships the revenues out of the country. The same Brit company then takes over the North American tea trade, which leads, due to their punitive taxation, to the American Revolution.

The Bengal famine narrative repeated in a different location during the mid 19th Century Uranus in Taurus in Ireland. The potato crop failed, which starved a million to death and a million emigrated, with the British overlords, who were partly the cause of the population’s reliance on one crop, continuing to send foodstuffs to the UK. And that is a wound which has never healed.

Although it isn’t easy to extrapolate the effect of Uranus in Taurus from other influences ongoing. The mid 19th Century Uranus in Taurus came on the back of a Saturn Pluto Uranus conjunction in late Aries/Taurus, so was always going to be a time of upheaval and devastation.

The most similar to this one would be the 1767 Uranus in Taurus with Pluto in Capricorn about to oppose Saturn in Cancer, with Neptune in Virgo. Apart from the horrors of the Bengal famine, James Watts’ steam-engine inventions drove the Industrial Revolution into being; and the first mechanical spinning frame for fabric weaving also appeared.

The most recent 1935 to 1941 Uranus in Taurus came on the back of the Great Depression of the decade following 1929, with widespread poverty and unemployment leading to authoritarian regimes emerging in several countries, most notably German with Hitler rising to power from 1933; and Stalin’s Great Purge of 1936-38 with 600,000 being executed in Russia by the state.

In 1935 Uranus was just over the square to Pluto in Cancer, so not dissimilar to now – and it ended with a Saturn Uranus conjunction trine Neptune in Virgo in 1941. Territorial greed is clearly also one of its manifestations; as well as inhumane methods in the pursuit of power.

So the overall conclusion would be good and bad. Innovative yes. Power and money hungry also.

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