Upcoming Eclipses in Pisces and Libra

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TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE: March 9 2016 at 19 degrees Pisces IN Saros Cycle 18 South.

LUNAR ECLIPSE: March 23 2016 at 3 degrees Libra.

This Solar Eclipse (New Moon) is opposition Jupiter North Node in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn square Jupiter is one of these awkward influences which swings between optimism and pessimism. One moment expansive, the next running into setbacks and having to contract. So relatively unstable. Plus a Mutable Saturn on the point of a T Square tends to be nervy, scattered, sceptical. Focus is needed to get the best out of it – usually by concentrating on detailed work.

What will help is the New Moon sextile Pluto which in turn trines Jupiter – a wedge isn’t the easiest configuration to balance but there will be bursts of confidence and success.

According to Bernadette Brady (The Eagle and the Lark), an 18 South Eclipse is concerned with endings or separations. Maybe someone close travelling a distance away. But, as ever, as one door closes another door opens. New situations will arise bringing positive outcomes.

The Lunar Eclipse on 23 March with the Sun at 3 Aries opposite the Moon at 3 Libra luckily misses aspects to the disruptive Uranus Pluto. It is trine/sextile Mars in Sagittarius – another wedge, so there will be spurts of dynamic activity and then some misdirected anger. Mars in Sagittarius can be a great crusader but can also be self-righteous. There’s also a Jupiter North Node opposition Venus Neptune square Saturn; and the opposition trine/sextile Pluto.  But aspects not connected into the Eclipse itself generally have less effect.

Eclipses set major personal themes for your next six months depending on your Sun and Ascendant sign. Eclipses demand you live one area of your life in a new way. This takes effort and courage but it does offer an opportunity. If you get a grip and put much needed changes in place then you can avoid crises in the months ahead. If you know your birth time then look to see which house the Eclipse falls in and it is that arena of your life which needs a shake up.

Effects on Sun signs:

ARIES The Pisces Solar Eclipse falling in the sign before yours says slow down, be less active and more introspective. Put the past in order by understanding it better. Sort out unresolved psychological and emotional issues.   The Lunar Eclipse will throw a focus on close relationships. Are you fulfilled? If not, what can you do about it? Find a balance between giving and receiving.

TAURUS The Pisces Solar Eclipse will prompt you to look ahead and make longer term plans. You’ll also want to widen your circle of friends and acquaintances and be more of a team player.  The Lunar Eclipse says getting healthy will be a priority but looking after your state of mind will be as important as looking after your body.

GEMINI The Pisces Solar Eclipse at your Midheaven says you’ll feel it is now or never for success so you’ll push extra hard. The added motivation will give you a spur to aim higher.   The Lunar Eclipse says you need to find a better balance between friends on the one hand and love ones on the other. You may want to play away the days but sorting out long term plans will be important as well.

CANCER The Pisces Solar Eclipse says you need to broaden your understanding and knowledge, read more, travel more, set your sights higher and communicate more widely.   The Libra Lunar Eclipse is all about finding time for work ambitions and home and family matters. You won’t be fulfilled unless both areas of your life are getting your attention.

LEO The Pisces Solar Eclipse in the deepest, most confidential area of your chart will prompt you to share, care, relate and co-operate in a new way, emotionally and financially. Letting go the habits of a lifetime will be tricky but it’s important you try.   The Lunar Eclipse says pay attention to everyday details as well as aiming higher and seeking adventure.

VIRGO The Pisces Solar Eclipse in your opposite sign will make your close relationship a top priority. Can you be less self-sufficient, more adaptable, more co-operative? Being in a partnership demands compromise to make it work.  The Lunar Eclipse again focuses on how you share, care, and relate financially as well as emotionally. You need to find ways of being independent and inter-dependent at the same time.

LIBRA The Pisces Solar Eclipse says you must take steps to improve your health and fitness. Also to streamline your efficiency since you’ll have a pile of chores in coming months.  The Lunar Eclipse in your own sign will pose questions about your closest relationship. You’ll need to adjust the amount of give and take on each side and reach fairer agreements.

SCORPIO The Pisces Solar Eclipse in your chart area of romance, fun and children says you’ll need to make the effort to sparkle and play more. If you feel short of affection and attention then you need to give more. Hand out the kisses and cuddles and you’ll be centre stage.  The Lunar Eclipse in the sign before yours says take some time out to re-centre and regain inner calm, as well as ensuring you boost your physical stamina.

SAGITTARIUS The Pisces Solar Eclipse will prompt you to make changes at home and in your domestic environment. Not just physically but emotionally as well, you’ll want to clear the decks for a better time ahead. Make the effort and ask for what you need.   The Lunar Eclipse hints that friends need as much attention as loved ones. Be prepared to sort out long term plans as well as enjoying the moment.

CAPRICORN The Pisces Solar Eclipse indicates that an exceptionally busy everyday schedule lies ahead. You’ll need to get better organised, manage your time well and make out to-do lists otherwise you’ll end up going round in circles. The Lunar Eclipse points to an imbalance in your life between outer ambitions and a happy family life. See what you can do to pay attention to both.

AQUARIUS The Pisces Solar Eclipse falling in your chart area of personal finances says that being pro-active will help. Take the initiative and reorganise your approach to money. Don’t throw it around to impress but ensure you are focusing on long term security as well as pleasure. The Lunar Eclipse will keep you on your toes for a busy time ahead. Paying attention to small details will be important as well as getting your grander plans into gear.

PISCES The Pisces Solar Eclipse says you are at a crossroads in your life and need to make significant decisions about your time ahead. You’ll be more independent for a few months. It’s your life and should be your choices. Don’t amble along as before, hoping for the best. Take the initiative and make it happen.   The Lunar Eclipse will pose a few dilemmas, mainly financial but also emotional.  You need to find a way of protecting your own interests as well as sharing more with those close.

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