Libya – bleak future

The war against ISIL appears to be moving to Libya as top ISIL commanders have gone there from Iraq and Syria. US planes are now reportedly bombing there.

The revolution against Gaddafi in 2011 led to civil war, with French, British and American forces joining in, but misjudging the chaos of tribal militia infighting which would follow the toppling of a dictatorship which had been in place for 42 years. A senior UK minister described the post-Gaddafi stabilisation plans as ‘fanciful rot’. And so another Iraq failed state was created.

Libya independence, 24 December 1951 12am Tripoli. Nothing remotely cheerful here for several years ahead. Tr Pluto has another year of squaring Saturn bringing hardship and deprivation; with the even more destructive tr Pluto square Mars in 2016/17. Plus tr Uranus in the highly strung, nervy opposition to Neptune this year and a hugely upsetting opposition to the Libya Moon in 2018. Tr Saturn will oppose the MC this year and tr Neptune will square in 2018 – setbacks and no clear direction. Tr Pluto moves to square Neptune in 2018/19 which is devastation. Solar Arc Pluto will conjunct the Moon in late 2018 – an anguished population. Solar Arc Neptune will conjunct the Capricorn Sun by 2020 – undermining.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


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