Ukraine election – satire wins the day



Volodymyr Zelensky, a Ukrainian comedian whose only political experience comes from starring in a satirical television series Servant of the People, in which his character accidentally becomes Ukrainian president, has won the election by a landslide. He is a millionaire with 4.2 million Instagram followers. His campaigning was light on policy but he won on an anti-corruption, not-the-old-guard platform. Critics have expressed doubts that he will be able to take on the country’s influential oligarchs and stand up to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin to date has refused to congratulate him on his victory.

Born 25 January 1978 he’s a Sun Venus in Aquarius opposition Mars in Leo, so lively, charming and energetic.  He’s an odd mix with Ukraine 24 August 1991 2.31pm  Kiev, since his Saturn in Leo is conjunct the Ukraine Venus Sun and the Ukraine Saturn is conjunct his Sun Venus and opposition his Mars – so it won’t turn out to be a dream partnership, although he is regarded with affection. He will go for radical reform with his Uranus conjunct the Ukraine 10th house Pluto and his Pluto square the highly-strung Ukraine Uranus Neptune but it won’t be easy pushing change through in Ukraine with half its chart in Fixed signs.

At the moment his chart (without birth time) exhibits more panic than elation which is hardly surprising and that will run on till late 2020.

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  1. Typed “володимир зелеський гороскоп” into Google yesterday, thinking some Ukrainian or Russian astrologer profiled him – came up with nothing. I have a feeling his birth time will pop up.

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