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2019 will be a year of traumatic transformation for the UK with the Capricorn Solar Eclipses early and late and the Cancer Eclipse mid-year in aspect to the UK Capricorn Sun and IC as well as the 10th house Cancer Moon and Midheaven. There’ll be zero possibility of continuing as before. The fork in the road is here, decisions need to be taken and stuck to. It will have the strongest impact on 4th house matters – domestic security, emotional stability, farming; and 10th house Moon matters – rulers, including the monarchy, public image, leaving the past behind, future direction and ambitions.

Eclipses at these degrees do come round every few years:– 2011 when there were London riots over a police shooting and anti-capitalist Occupy London demos. 1992 – Black Wednesday and the UK crashing out of the ERM. 1973 – recession, UK joined the EEC. What will exacerbate the sense of standing on shifting foundations this time round will be tr Pluto and tr Saturn both moving through the UK 4th house.

The late December 2019 Capricorn Eclipse is in a Saros Series associated with sudden endings. Though it is also conjunct Jupiter which from the New Year and throughout 2020 will move through the UK 4th which should bring more internal contentment.

Relationship splits and separations will be the hallmark throughout 2019 with tr Saturn square the UK’s Sun/Moon midpoint, the close relationship signifier, in January 2019 and returning  twice again up to October 2019.

Tr Saturn will also oppose the 10th house Moon in late March, and on and off till December 2019, which suggests a mourning or loss, either of a ruler or of old certainties.

The Queen is still resolutely active though cutting back as she moves towards her 93rd birthday. Her Coronation chart does suggests a major directional shift, coming suddenly, probably late in 2019 as the Solar Arc Midheaven is conjunct Uranus.

Her own chart has tr Uranus conjunct her Taurus Sun for a final time late March/early April, which may see surprise events hastening decisions. Otherwise it’ll be 2020/2021 as her gradual stepping-back picks up pace. The Capricorn/Cancer Eclipse do bounce off her 6th house Pluto through 2019 which will put additional strain on her health-wise as well as perhaps land her with additional work as politicians continue to muddle and guddle along.

Theresa May’s Government chart is befuddled (!?) from May 2019 onwards into 2020 with Neptune square the Sun and Moon. But her own personal chart is facing failure before then, in disaster territory from mid January 2019, trapped and cornered in February and facing career failure and loss from late March onwards.

On the UK chart the Solar Arc Moon will oppose the 11th house legislature Saturn, exactly in three month’s time but in effect before then, pointing to voter antipathy towards the governing classes. Tr Neptune square the 3rd house Mercury from late March through April and returning on and off till February 2020 will bring evasiveness in discussions, miscommunications and travel confusion; and late in 2019 there will be aggravated debates as well as blockages  when Solar Arc Mars is conjunct the UK Mercury with tr Neptune  sowing the seeds of a few more muddles as it is conjunct both.

From midpoints there’ll be panics and uncertainty from a few transits bringing feelings of loneliness, being neglected or misunderstood; but there’s also surprisingly a reasonable amount of Jupiterian uplift mid January to mid February and again mid July till late December.  And a definite sense of relief late March to mid April.

There’s a Progressed Moon Return within three months from now which suggests a reassessment and new beginning.

Depending on house system, tr Uranus is aiming to move into the UK 8th (on Koch) at the same time as the Solar Arc Uranus moves in, towards mid 2019 which kicks off a roller coaster few years as far as international and business finances are concerned, not all bad, just erratic and unpredictable.

One thing is for sure. The national morale is in a better state than the PM’s.


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  1. It does seem inevitable that Prince Charles will be made Prince Regent at some point in the near future. The Queen has not performed a ceremonial State Opening of Parliament since May 2016 and the next one is scheduled for May 2019. The snap election in 2017 when she opened a two year Parliament in her day clothes was hugely beneficial for the Queen and you have to wonder if she is really up to doing a full ceremonial one again wearing the famously heavy 2.3lb Imperial State Crown on her head.

  2. Interesting that Saturn is in the 11th House of the UK 1801 Chart. That is usually indicative of individuals of entities that struggle to belong to groups. They prefer a few tried and trusted friends to the company of large numbers of acquaintances. The juxtaposition to the Mars in the 7th House of the London Aries Ingress Chart looks to indicate some sort of divorce from a partner.

    A similar set of planetary alignments can be seen between the London Aries Ingress Chart and the Maastricht Chart. The Ingress Mars squares the Maastricht Saturn at 23 Aquarius which itself opposes the UK 1801 Saturn at 23 Leo. The Maastricht Saturn is in the 7th House which also indicates a struggle to build relationships. The Ingress Mars is also conjunct the Maastricht Moon (the people) in the 10th House of government. In fact the UK 1801 Chart, the Maastricht Chart and the London Aries Ingress Chart all have the Moon in the 10th House.

    As far as the UK is concerned that looks like some sort of separation certainly from the vision of the EU outlined at Maastricht. Whether that is a good or bad thing rather depends on what you think of Maastricht. Personally I think it looks like a bureaucrats year zero vision of Europe shorn of all culture and history, a fact reflected ironically in the Euro notes which are covered with pictures fictional buildings that have no real world European counterparts.

    • Although I did not live in the UK (or Europe) at that time, I remember reading of how acrimonious the passage of the Maastricht Treaty was in the UK. Maastricht was about moving from an Economic Community to a (political and social) Union, something that I think the UK would be inherently uncomfortable with.

      Perhaps part of the solution may be to move to the EEA via EFTA, but given that Maastricht has moved the goalposts on freedom of movement, I am not convinced that that will work.

  3. Marjorie, my political interpretation of your astrological forecast.

    The UK will Brexit on March 29th followed by a short-lived euphoria of leaving. However, that is only the start of the negotiation of the future relationship, which will make the UK face facts about its place in the world now.

    Could you expand on effects on Scotland and Northern Ireland? Will we be seeing a united Ireland and an independent Scotland soon?

    Can I also request a look at the year ahead for the EU?

    • Somehow, I get the same vibe as well, though I think it will be more likely if we try to remain than if we leave. Remainers are not likely to resort to violence, leavers could.

    • Riots, followed by waves and flights of winged monkeys flying from hordes of bumblebees. Monsters swimming across the Channel to take advantage of the social disorder within London.

  4. Aries Ingress Chart for March 2019 set to London has Mars at 23 Taurus in the Seventh House and Venus at 22 Aquarius in the First House, the first squaring and the second opposing the UK 1801 Saturn at 23 Leo. Saturn in the Ingress Chart at 19 Capricorn in the Third House opposes the Moon at 19 Cancer in the 1801 Chart. Both the 1801 Chart and the Ingress Charts has the Moon in the 10th House of Government. Mars at 11 Taurus in the 8th House of the 1801 Chart sits within a degrees of the Descendant of the Ingress Chart.

    The Aries Ingress Chart at London also triggers the Maastricht Chart. Mars at 23 Taurus opposes the Maastricht Mars, Pluto at 24 Scorpio. The Ingress Venus at 22 Aquarius is conjunct the Maastricht Saturn at 23 Aquarius.

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