Uber – heading into a sinkhole



Uber is taking a battering at the moment, losing several senior executives to harassment complaints and widespread criticism of an aggressive organizational culture. And has now been banned in London over ‘public safety and security implications’, with concerns that Uber did not properly check and review their drivers and didn’t report crimes. There’s now a 500,000 strong petition been raised from Londoners who use the 40,000 Uber drivers and say black cabs are too expensive.

Uber was founded 1 March 2009 with an autocratic Saturn opposition Uranus in place; plus a stubbornly argumentative Mercury Mars Neptune in Aquarius. Tr Saturn is now square the Uranus exactly with tr Pluto trine the Saturn till late 2018. Tr Neptune continues to undermine the Pisces Sun till this New Year; and then proceeds to chip away at the foundations of the Sun/Saturn midpoints and on to oppose the Uber Saturn by 2019 so it’s well over its peak and motoring rapidly downhill into a swamp.

Sadiq Khan, the London mayor, is just the one to put his foot down with his fearsome Mars Pluto in Virgo conjunct the Uber Saturn and opposition Uranus; with his Saturn in Taurus square the Uber Mars.

Uber has already faced bans and suspensions in various countries so more are likely to follow.

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  1. Just because a company fails, it doesn’t mean the concept behind was a failure. We don’t have Napster operating either anymore, yet music sharing through net services flourishes. Same with MySpace and social networks. Uber has a great concept, it’s just managed truly horribly. I’m fairly certain someone will now take over and give the same service, but make it better than Uber. I think there’s a Chinese company that has launched in Middle East already. Also, driverless cars will be here in 5 years, if you believe tech counsultants. Drivers will be taken out of the quotation. This should be around Pluto passing to Aquarius, so astrology backs it, too.

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