Turkey – moving away from liberal democracy



Turkey’s referendum to increase presidential power has resulted in a narrow win for Recep Erdogan, which could keep him in power till 2029. Though the opposition is challenging the result. It leaves the country more divided and unstable with fears that it will make the president’s position too powerful, amounting to one-man rule, without the checks and balances of other presidential systems such as those in France and the US. The constitutional changes will allow the president to scrap the role of prime minister, be able to directly appoint top officials, be free to intervene in the judiciary and to decide whether or not to impose a state of emergency. Since a coup attempt last July, tens of thousands of people have been arrested, and at least 100,000 sacked or suspended from their jobs.

The next presidential election will be in late 2019, which, if Erdogan wins, will see him in situ for two five year terms thereafter. Shades of Putin.

The Turkey 29 Oct 1923 8.30pm Ankara chart looks on high alert with tr Neptune conjunct Uranus exactly now, until late 2018; with tr Neptune moving to conjunct the MC (start time being accurate) in 2018/19 and thence through the 10th for many directionless years. There’s also a jolting tr Uranus opposition Mercury Saturn, exactly now, recurring this December and January 2018. Plus a trapped, frustrated and enraged Solar Arc Mars opposition Pluto, exact in 2 months’ time, but in effect now, describing the mood of the country.

Erdogan’s Presidency chart, 28 Aug 2014 2pm Ankara, does have an over-controlling focal point Pluto but it squares unstable Uranus – and that comes exact by Solar Arc mid to late 2019, so the next election may not be quite in the bag yet. This chart also has an unpleasant and ruthless Mars Saturn in Scorpio, which tr Pluto is sextile 2016 to 2019, so repressive measures are likely to continue.

His own chart, 26 Feb 1954, is mixed with a major upheaval in 2017/18 as tr Pluto opposes his Uranus; fanaticism with tr Uranus opposing his Neptune in 2017/early 2018; a high risk, dangerous Sept/Oct this year with tr Pluto square his Mars/Pluto midpoint; and a soaring-confidence, over-pushy 2018/2019 with tr Pluto opposing his Jupiter/Pluto which will give rise to conflicts and could backfire on him.

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