Tunisia – an uncertain near future



Tunisia, which kick-started the Arab Spring and was the only and brightest hope emerging from the melee of 2011 is descending into violent unrest because of economic woes. The unity government of centrists, moderate Islamists and independents, was forced to push through austerity measures this year to meet the demands of foreign lenders including the IMF. Tourism has been hit because of terrorist attacks, the currency has fallen, inflation and unemployment are up. The governments since 2011 have made moves towards democratic reform but the underlying problems of poverty remain unsolved. A heavy-handed response to street demonstrations has seen 800 arrested which has only strengthened resistance to the government.

Tunisia gained independence on 15 June 1956 at 5pm, Tunis, which gives a confident,  controlling Jupiter Pluto conjunct the MC but on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine of Sun trine Neptune which adds a layer of impracticality and wishful thinking to the mix.

There are certainly indications of changes afoot this year with tr Uranus approaching a square to the natal Uranus from May onwards; tr Uranus opposing the Solar Arc Midheaven at the same time; and then tr Uranus trine the natal Midheaven from July onwards. Even before then tr Uranus will trine Pluto and then oppose the Tunisia Neptune in March/April which will be highly-strung, nervy, possibly fanatical and push through radical changes. Some of the shifts may be positive though it looks a bumpy ride. It may take till 2021 to clear the economic trough and bring a morale and financial boost to Tunisia. Though there’s always the risk with Pluto conjunct the MC of a strong-man leader (dictator) emerging to take control.


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