Trump’s vengeance spree against Sadiq Khan


Another of Trump’s unseemly hate-festes has been unleashed against London Mayor Sadiq Khan. It’s a spat that has been running since Khan spoke out against the Muslim ban and Trump retaliated with glee on twitter over the London terror attacks in 2017 which left 7 dead and many injured, using it to justify his travel ban and misquoting Khan. Khan has since retaliated by speaking out against Trump and his state visit.

Now stoked up by the beyond-appalling Katie Hopkins, Trump is slating Khan for London’s crime killings. In reality the murder rate in Baltimore is a 31 times higher per capita, New Orleans is 22.4 times higher and Detroit 22 times. London has half New York’s murder rate.

What’s astrologically on point is the cross over between the charts. Khan, despite being a mild-mannered Libra, has a megaton, forceful Mars Pluto in Virgo which squares Trump’s Sun and Moon; and Khan’s Saturn in Taurus is conjunct Trump’s midheaven with his Neptune opposition and both are square Trump’s bombastic Mars. Active dislike runs rampant and Khan would crush him if he could.

Their relationship chart has a composite Mars Pluto which leads to bitter power struggles; and a needs-space, differing-agendas composite Sun Uranus. It’ll flare up again in November and next February as tr Uranus trines the Mars Pluto, if not before in July.


7 thoughts on “Trump’s vengeance spree against Sadiq Khan

  1. Katie Hopkins “beyond-appalling”. Well said. I would like to know how she manages to fund all the endless world travel she does, constantly stirring things up, particularly when you consider she has been unceremoniously fired from every job she’s had in recent years, and lost her house over the Jack Monroe court case.

    • Follow the money. In May 18 she entered an IVA a pre bankruptcy arrangement with creditors. So skint. Her extreme right wing friends and Israel would be my bet as to the source of finance. A shill and stenographer for some deeply unpleasant people imo.

      • I don’t say this lightly, even on Far Right figures, but she is most likely directly funded by Russia, rather than being just a “useful idiot”. A lot of her travelling is directly to areas of interest to Russians.

  2. The disgusting thing is that there is no downside to Trump with his “base” for saying horrible things about a minority, particularly if they happen to be Muslim. He attacks minority women for the same reason. The more disgusting he is, the more that fan base loves him for it. I know he’s crazy, I don’t know what their problem is. But living in Trump’s America isn’t easy folks.

    • One could leave. That’s on my list, of course.

      My cousin follows him like the sun; indeed, all family members track him like hounds on the scent. Haven;t talked to them since Trump was elected, as they immediately launch into ethnic attacks; along with chanting Lock Her Up while on the telephone. My cousin never advanced much in life beyond checkout clerk at a vitamin store in an abandoned, rundown mall.

  3. Do you see anything on Khan’s chart to suggest he will be re elected Mayor next summer? I imagine that will also provoke Trump.

    • He does look good with lots of Jupiter around in May next year. Not great before and after but around the election definitely upbeat.

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