Trump’s toxic mad-hatters tea party

The madhouse drama that is Trump’s administration continues to eject flames and debris in all directions. His latest toddler tantrum against being bullied into decent, grown-up behaviour has led to alarm amongst a wide range of hitherto quiescent supporters – and even better has caused several large charities to pull their functions from Mar-a-Lago, which will cost him bucks. No doubt his hotels will see the same fall-out.

James Murdoch, CEO of 21st Century Fox (son of Rupert who is CEO of Fox News and a great Trump supporter) has spoken out sharply against Neo-Nazis and Klansmen and given a donation to the Anti-Defamation League. His relationship chart with Trump was never great to start with, given a composite Mars square Saturn in their relationship chart; and tr Saturn square the composite Mercury Sun Mars across this summer has exacerbated his dislike. Though it may cause friction with Murdoch Senior since the Senior/Junior  relationship chart has a tr Saturn square the composite Mars late Sept/early October. Though even Rupert may follow some of his Fox TV presenters in distancing himself from the toxic Trump brand, from late September, with definite ruptures come 2018.

There’s a good deal of aggravation with Steve Bannon who has been shooting his mouth off in Mooch style. He’s got an infuriated, aggravated, trapped tr Pluto square his Mars (unless he was born pre 7 am) through this Sept/Oct. Even without that, he’s being frozen by Trump at the moment with tr Saturn square the composite Mars Venus till mid October.

Gary Cohn, chief economic adviser to Trump, is at loggerheads with Bannon and privately ‘disgusted’ with Trump’s post-Charlottesville remarks. The Trump/Cohn relationship chart was always a munitions dump ready to blow with an explosive composite Uranus, Mars, Sun in a deeply suspicious and blocked square to Neptune Saturn; and a power-struggling Pluto square Jupiter. That’s being detonated at the moment by tr Uranus square the composite Sun, with a tranche of escalating difficulties following into 2018.

Former four-star general John Kelly, Trump’s Chief of Staff, looked in pain as Trump went on his rampaging off-page speech. I feel sorry for these guys and the military chiefs who are no doubt staying in place for the sake of the country and having to swallow their bile and their pride to ensure the lunatics aren’t left in charge.

Kelly, a stalwartly persevering Sun Mercury in Taurus square Pluto, trine Mars, is ploughing on in discouraged mood through Sept/Oct, highly irritable at points and sinking at others, with more aggro come November, and worse in 2018.

The latest incumbent in a communication hot seat is former model Hope Hicks, 21 October 1988, who replaces Scaramucci. She’s a Sun Libra sextile Uranus Saturn in Sagittarius; with her Mercury in Libra trine Jupiter square Neptune. Her Jupiter in Gemini falls in Trump’s 10th so she’ll boost his image; and her Sun and Pluto fall in his 3rd so she will be his voice-piece. Though her Saturn Uranus conjunct his Moon and opposition his Sun don’t look a great mix. Her life is certainly changing radically with tr Uranus opposition her Sun now and into 2018; heading for the pressured Saturn return later this year; and will be in for a bumpy ride across the New Year with tr Saturn square her Mars and conjunct her Neptune. 2018 looks a sinking year, with worse in 2019.

Her relationship chart with Trump has an affectionate composite Sun Mercury Venus though that squares Neptune – so illusions, delusions and disappointment. There’s a constantly-changing composite Uranus opposition Pluto, which is catching downbeat and jolting tr Saturn squares from late September; and is generally proving to be a let down with tr Neptune square the composite Mars now till late 2018.

Trump has tr Saturn conjunct his Moon at the moment till late September, then gets the face-reality tr Saturn opposition his Sun late Sept/early October. October sees tr Uranus trine his Mars, which will tempt him to prove his machismo with yet more wild and intemperate gestures. Dec 2017 and Jan 2018 see tr Uranus square his Sun/Mars midpoint which is highly insecure and explosive; square his Mercury/Pluto bringing mental strain; and square his Venus/Saturn making him feel unloved.

Tr Saturn in hard aspect to his Full Moon, also impacts on his Sun/Moon midpoint, so I’d imagine relations with Melania are even less ecstatic than usual.


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