Trump’s NY Black House & Organisation – built to endure but not always happily

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The ‘Black House’ as Trump Tower is known to New Yorkers was opened to great fanfare on 14 February 1983. It was proclaimed as Donald Trump’s “fantasyland for the affluent shopper” as “flamboyant, exciting and emblematic of the American dream.” The fantasy turned sour fairly rapidly as it was ridiculed by architectural critics – ‘a pink marble maelstrom’ – and abandoned by celebrity residents, who sold their pads to swindlers and felons. Glamorous boutiques bailed out, leaving ordinary ones and empty space in their wake. So it’s had a chequered history from its grandiose start. Trump still lives there and it was the location for television reality-show The Apprentice.

It has a dourly determined Aquarius Sun trine Pluto Saturn, so was clearly built to withstand crises. There’s also a showbizzy Neptune square Venus Mars (and Moon)in Pisces; and an adventurous Jupiter Uranus in colourful Sagittarius. It looks a touch blocked at the moment as presidential security is jamming up the streets surrounding it for the foreseeable future with the Solar Arc Saturn conjunct Jupiter Uranus.

The Tower is facing great uncertainty and major disruption come 2018/19 with tr Uranus opposition Pluto and the following year Saturn; with the Solar Arc Neptune square Saturn in 2019. I have utterly no idea what that might mean, except it won’t be a happy atmosphere, that’s for sure.

The Trump family empire started way back in 1923, with Donald Trump taking over in the 1970s, but the only accurate date I can source is the LLC date of 27 July 1999, which will have similarities to the earlier dates. That fittingly gives a Leo Sun, Mercury and North Node opposition Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius square Mars in Scorpio opposition Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus. With Sun trine Pluto. So an incredibly Fixed and enduring chart, with streaks of nastiness with Mars in Scorpio, a penchant for publicity with Mars Neptune; autocratic from Sat Ur; slippery at times from Neptune; and a tendency to go through periods of great upheaval with Uranus square Saturn and Mars.

It’s ploughing through heavy seas this year (as last) with tr Pluto trine Saturn; will get lucky breaks in 2018 with tr Uranus conjunct the Jupiter; but there will be a rolling series of disruptions and shocks  2019 to 2022 as tr Uranus moves in hard aspect to all the other planets in the Fixed Grand Cross.

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  1. Since it is built to endure, it is hard to guess what the uncertainty and major disruption could be. Perhaps Melania and Barron leaving and making their home somewhere else? The Secret Service protection would leave, too, and the residents and businesses would have to deal with living in an unprotected Trump icon that attracts lots of the wrong kind of attention.

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