Trump’s bully pulpit unleashed against Mueller



Trump says he won’t fire Mueller, but his allies in the media and GOP are pushing hard to discredit the Russia probe as improper and politically motivated. Mueller has been accused of wrongfully obtaining thousands of emails sent and received by Trump officials before the start of his campaign; but other legal experts say they were acquired under the normal rules for a criminal investigation.

Nixon, of course, fired his special counsel prior to Watergate and his resignation. What is different this time round according to political historian, Julian Zelizer, is the massive propaganda effort on Trump’s behalf, via cable television, websites and Twitter. He said: “whatever Mueller does, Trump’s allies have a huge bully pulpit, where the message from his perspective is constantly circulating, regardless of what the investigators do. Nixon never had anything comparable to that.”

Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel on 17 May 2107 when the Sun was conjunct Algol, the destructive planet of painful confrontation, with a hard-edged Saturn opposition Mars which was always going to arouse bad-temper. It looks a mix of confident and confused through 2018/19, the latter stemming from tr Pluto square the Sun/Neptune midpoint, which suggests the smears and lies will continue.

Mueller himself, 7 August 1944 is a Sun Pluto in Leo; with a high-adrenaline Mars Mercury in hard-working Virgo square Uranus. He’s no-one’s push-over, though he looks less than confident in May/June/July 2018 with tr Neptune opposition his Mars, returning into 2019. Before then January/February look nerve-stretched and uncertain for him; with some major jangles in February and May. But he’ll catch a break after mid year from tr Uranus trine his Jupiter.

His relationship chart with Trump has a cool composite Sun Saturn conjunction which is under pressure from tr Pluto square till late 2018; and a stubborn composite Mercury Pluto.

Part of the worry is that Trump will blow his circuit board, since his close circle keep telling him ‘don’t worry. It’ll be fine and all go away soon.’ Mollifying the infant with platitudes may stop working at some point.


4 thoughts on “Trump’s bully pulpit unleashed against Mueller

  1. Firing Mueller would be extremely counterproductive in that those 65 per cent of Americans who do not approve of DJT’s performance would immediately think Mueller was, indeed, onto something. Also, it would not make evidence collected by Mueller go anywhere. It would still be waiting if Democrats gaining control of Congress, which can well happen in 2018 after the Alabama upset last week. The best Trump’s Administration could achieve with this would be postponing the inevitable 12 months or so. It might be good enough for Trump, but maybe not the others.

    So, at this point, I think is only a matter of time Republican Party faces the music.

  2. If these two were in a contest, one on one, who would win? They do appear to be locked in battle, don’t they? So who has the upper hand?

  3. One of the major keys to this presidency is the state of Trumps mental health, self evidently I think. I raised this before and you were understandably wary of commenting too much. But given his position in the world, is some kind of analysis a worthwhile exercise? It’s valid to ask whether the US president has (major?) psychological flaws as evidenced by astrological indicators and what we might expect going forward, in terms of triggers and so on.

  4. Some of the news feeds are citing that Trump firing Mueller would prove fatal to Trump’s presidency. Trump lives in a bubble of wonderland, expecting and believing all is well and that Mueller will “shortly” issue a letter of apology to him.

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