Trump timeline – thundering on


A catch up on where Trump’s astro is. With the caveat that he seems to stumble and blunder from one crisis to the next without blinking. His ability to absorb punishment is staggering.

His Term chart has tr Neptune conjunct the Venus from the 15th of this month to September 22nd which could point to financial losses and disappointment or being unloved/unpopular or both. There are upbeat influences running up till then with the unemployment figures holding steady though there are signs of growth slowing. There will be considerable wobbles within the Administration from August 25th to 9 November from tr Pluto square the Uranus for the final time; and that runs simultaneously with the closure of the Pluto Uranus square to exact over the next few months by Solar Arc. Though since Jupiter is in the equation, tied into the Pluto Uranus T Square, there will be undeserved luck along the way.

Into 2020 the pressures mount with a downbeat, discouraging Saturn transit round the Cardinal T Square of Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter – that picks up late November 2019 and runs to February 2020, followed by a similarly downbeat, reality-check from tr Saturn conjunct the Term Sun in late March and again in December 2020. There’s precious little Jupiter cheer in 2020 and indeed there’ll be catastrophes late May till early July with tr Uranus square the Mars/Saturn midpoint and opposition the Moon which return just before and over the election – plus a Neptunian sinker as it squares the Sun/Moon midpoint from which will bring upsets, discontentment, losses and that runs from late April till late August right through the confirmation process.

On Trump’s personal chart he has tr Neptune square his 10th house Uranus – mid this month to late September – which is highly-strung, fanatical, could be loss of consciousness. Ebertin talks of ‘confused psychic states’. Tr Saturn is squaring his 2nd house Jupiter, dampening his enthusiasm financially and in other ways in late November, though that’s mild enough. Where his major challenges come are in 2020 as tr Pluto returns to oppose his Saturn and trapped Mars/Node from in January as the bleak tr Saturn Pluto conjunction comes together. And then in February he picks up an even more blocked, enraged tr Pluto opposition Sun/Mars and feeling-unloved tr Pluto opposition Venus/Saturn which both run right through till early July. He does admittedly at the same time, birth time being accurate, have tr Pluto trine his Midheaven which can be reasonably positive though it won’t outweigh these midpoint transits.

July, August and September 2020 has tr Uranus square his Mars/Saturn midpoint which is a test of nervous strength, can be accident-prone, attracting disasters and destructive energies.

2021 continues several of the punishing and blocked Pluto transits to midpoints and Neptune moves in to square his Sun and Moon which will be energy and morale-draining; with Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his 2nd house Neptune, bringing considerable financial worries late 2021; along with a not-thinking-straight Neptune Uranus Solar Arc collision at the same time.

The USA charts itself picks up tr Pluto opposition Mercury from February 2020 till early July suggesting that political debate will be heated, bitter, toxic and fraudulent – and that runs off and on till late 2021. In 2021 as well tr Neptune squares the US Mars for a sense of panic and failure running into 2022.

There is a very odd equivalence – in a different way – between the horrendous mess in the UK and the indescribable screw up in the USA – they seem to go almost side by side, step by step.  The only sane response is to adopt a zen like calm and acceptance. This too will pass.

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