Trump Term – on a seesaw wobble


Keeping a calm head in the midst of chaos and cutting through the cacophony of noise when all sides are screaming that they are right and are winning ain’t easy. Trump’s impeachment may seem a slamdunk to the chattering classes but out in the boondocks where they don’t watch the news (or think) nothing has changed; and the Republicans who control the Senate are too scared of losing their control to dump their interloper leader. Plus the smear campaign is in full swing which always muddies the waters.

Trump’s Term chart is however showing more than the usual degree of strain. The destabilising tr Pluto square the Uranus is around till mid-November (and around all 2020 in the Solar Arc position); with tr Saturn in a blocked conjunction to the 9th house (legal) Pluto in late this November and in an enthusiasm-dampening square to Jupiter in early January.

Though the wild card in the chart is the Jupiter in the Cardinal T Square since it could hand him luck he doesn’t deserve to get him out of a tight scrape – and tr Pluto will square the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint from mid November for four weeks and then square the Jupiter late December to early February which could provide helpful distractions. Be interesting to see what happens in Jauuary when the exact tr Saturn Pluto hits that Jupiter.

Tr Saturn then moves on to conjunct the Midheaven which could bring a reality check in February, August and across the election. In February as well tr Uranus squares the Solar Arc Sun as it does in this November, for a jolt or two. Plus tr Neptune returns to conjunct the Venus for either unpopularity (a poll dip) or a financial disappointment or both. And there’ll be a massive jangle come June as tr Uranus opposes the Scorpio Moon – that latter might just set the public’s teeth on edge.

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  1. Kurt Volker, Ukraine negotiator with State Department Rudy said authorized him to negociate, resigned Friday night. Expect more of this when people involved want to be able to speak freely in order to not selfdiscriminate.

    • There’s an article out that speaks to GOP membrs willing to vote for the impeachment, only in secret.

      “On Friday, former Sen. Jeff Flake told NPR that at least 35 GOP Senators would support impeaching Trump if they were allowed to vote in secret. “Anybody who has sat through two years, as I have, of Republican luncheons realizes that there’s not a lot of love for the President. There’s a lot of fear of what it means to go against the President, but most Republican senators would not like to be dealing with this for another year or another five years…”

  2. Luck might come in the form of an offer to resign, rather than face jail or even execution, which 45 is fond of recommending for spies and traitors. But the country needs to be paid back, particularly the money that went to Putin instead of the Ukraine through T’s Bag Man, Pence.

    • Not to mention the $$$ he absconded from Department of Defense to pay for troop stays at his resort in Turnberry, and Secret Service $$$ for stays at Trump Tower. The guy ran the government as his personal ATM. He needs to be in prison. Hopefully the NYDA will give him his comfortable four-walled room with one bunk and a basin.

    • “Luck might come in the form of an offer to resign, rather than face jail or even execution, which 45 is fond of recommending for spies and traitors.”

      He might also become demented enough to be offered house arrest. But this would be a punishment, too, since narcissists hate showing weakness.

  3. According to The Huffington Post, FiveThirtyEight, Nate Silver, and Harry Enten, it appears Democrats (my party) appear to be pretty unified in impeaching Trump and there are signs of cracks forming in the Republican Party.

    FiveThirtyEight said there are recent polls now showing 72% of Democrats and Democratic-voting Independents in favor of impeachment…which is up from 41% in May. That’s a good sign.

    I think many who were ambivalent about this at first were concerned that the impeachment inquiry would end up helping Trump and the Republicans rather than hurting them. Flashbacks to last year’s Brett Kavanaugh hearings come to mind and four of the five Democratic U.S. Senators who voted against Kavanaugh (which I’m glad they did vote against him) lost their seats including: Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota, Joe Donnelly in Indiana, and Bill Nelson here in Florida. Jon Tester of Montana was the only Democratic U.S. Senator who voted against Kavanaugh who managed to keep his seat.

    Even though Dr. Christine Blasey Ford gave a very compelling testimony and I believed her 100% and I do not believe Kavanaugh should have been confirmed, the Republicans had the advantage of arguing that there was little physical proof. Their constituents ended up siding with Kavanaugh.

    However, this situation is different. There appears to be A LOT of physical and tangible evidence to support the whistleblowers claims. Even the Republicans are having a very difficult time trying to twist this and come up with excuses for Trump.

    I’m just hypothesizing, but if this goes to impeachment and the Republican controlled U.S. Senate still sides with Trump (even if the evidence against him is overwhelming) then I think the political consequences could be harsh for the Republicans. This would motivate the Democrats and progressive Independents to turnout in greater numbers than before.

  4. Hey Marjorie. Being that it’s clear Trump is screwed, can you do a list of VP potentials? Let’s see the mood of such folks over the election and swearing in period for the fun of it. Tammy Duckworth may be one to watch.
    Here’s the Wikipedia link below.

  5. Interestingly I read in another astrological site about DT, that he will not survive as POTUS in 2020.
    There are some similarities with Margeret’s and the other site regarding the trouble he will be facing very soon.

    We shall see.

  6. Since there’s no hope, I’m going to quit coming around searching for it in the heavens. It’s much better mentally if I have a little hope for the future.

    Best of luck, and the heavens, for all the wonderful friends I’ve made here! Love you all as if we were sitting and having tea everyday!

    • The problems lie in that we get emotionally involved. I believe that the “planets” and whatever higher consciousness is behind them know exactly what they are doing. We may have free-choice, but then we live with the consequences. The turnaround and hope comes in full-force in 2024-25 and the necessary changes in politics – worldwide. We have the “Trump” situation going on in the UK too. Don’t give up Mrs. Bhali or your faith in the heavens, do drink lots of tea and watch. Everything is perfect – just the way it is.

    • Even Jupiter runs out of steam. Roy Cohn, from whom Trump learnt his attack-dog, never apologise and keep-lying tactics was a Sun Jupiter in Pisces with his Jupiter trine Pluto. He was eventually disbarred for unethical conduct, and died a few weeks later of AIDS, broke and owing the IRS millions. And that was when tr Pluto in Scorpio was trine in Jupiter and opposition his Solar Arc Jupiter – pushed his luck several steps too far.

    • “Trump’s impeachment may seem a slamdunk to the chattering classes but out in the boondocks where they don’t watch the news (or think) nothing has changed; and the Republicans who control the Senate are too scared of losing their control to dump their interloper leader.”

      This is very different. I just read about a YouGov poll that had 36 per cent of Republican voters stating they were in favor of starting an impeachment inquiry over Ukraine. This is remarkable, given DJT’s nearly 90 per cent approval rating.

      The reason, I think, is Trump has now been exposed as not just a bully, but also a snitch. And if there’s one thing Middle America hates, it’s a snitching.

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