Trump Putin bro-romance not all hugs and smiles



The Trump-Putin meeting kicked off at 1.12 pm in Helsinki with the Russian leader turning up late as is his wont. It’s an interesting chart – very money and business-oriented – though not remotely comfortable.

There’s a self-protective and private Water Grand Trine of Jupiter in Scorpio in the financial 2nd trine Neptune trine a Cancer MC, formed into a Kite by MC and Sun opposition Pluto. It’s difficult to interpret a driving planet Pluto on the IC – Pluto rules all that is hidden, underground, sewers etc – while the IC represents the foundations, home, family, roots, land, father, unconscious fears. A struggle for control of territory playing on unconscious fears?

There’s also a commercially-minded Earth Grand Trine of Venus Moon in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn trine Uranus. With Uranus in the 7th house of one-to-one relationships further emphasised being on the point of a Fixed T square to Mars in the 4th opposition North Node – there’s always an explosive tinder-box feel to Mars Uranus and in the 7th would suggest division rather than co-operation.  The Pluto and Mars in the 4th may also indicate the angry demonstrations outside.

Putin’s ruthless Pluto in Leo trine Mars in Sagittarius sits on top of Trump’s Mars in Leo and Trump’s Sagittarius Moon, with Putin’s Mars also opposition Trump’s Sun – power and control, and fairly aggravating for Trump. Putin’s Saturn Sun Neptune are conjunct Trump’s 2nd house financially reckless Jupiter. Saturn on the other’s Jupiter can be OK for business relationships, but Saturn tends to have a restrictive quality – might not be too much of a stretch to infer Saturnine interference in Trump’s gung ho commercial affairs. Neptune can contribute to delusions of grandeur on both sides. Trump’s money or his handling of it is certainly the focus of Putin’s attention with Putin’s four|Libra planets including his Sun in Trump’s 2nd..

Their relationship chart has a composite Sun Pluto conjunction which suggests a relationship in which the likelihood is that one dominates the other. It can feel very close till it goes wrong and then it turns nasty. There’ll be a blip late this month into early August and again in October as tr Saturn opposes the composite Uranus – tensions surfacing, and enthusiasm between them ebbing this August and again in early 2019; with aggro in January 2019 and beyond; plus good feelings being undermined through 2019 – but those are fairly minor influences.

Putin himself looks like the cat who got the cream through this July/August and November; less so from January 2019 onwards with muddle and mayhem through 2019.

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  1. Another Russian redhead appears on the politican scene: Mariia Butina.

    Shades of Anna Chapman, anyone?

    From wiki –
    Born November 10, 1988 (age 29)
    Barnaul, Altai Krai, RSFSR, USSR
    No birth time offered

    Darn, another Scorpio redhead 😉

  2. Notice that a women was killed in England days before Trump’s trip to Europe-her death due to exposure from that Russian poison that was used on The timing. Perhaps it’s not kompromat but rather some sort of death threat that the orange one is under. (Read something about Trump thinking he’s preventing WWIII—that squish-toy with squirrel hair toupee is CRAZY!)

    A bunch of Republicans were in Russia over the 4th of July.

    A Russian spy was indicted yesterday for activities related to infiltrating a US political party.

  3. Marjorie: Regarding Britt’s post (“Over the coming months a political scandal will be revealed like the world has never seen…..”), would you agree? Are you seeing any kind of catastrophic revelation/scandal re Trump in the near future? If so, when might it happen? As a quadruple Aries, I’m not exactly known for my patience. When is Adolf Trump’s fat, treasonous butt going to be kicked out of the White House? I’m tired of waiting.

    • Britt, a Trump-lover, seems to mean that Trump and Putin are the selfless heroes who will expose the dastardly Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

  4. Regardless of the negative news coverage this has been receiving, I still don’t think the Republicans are going to do anything to punish Donald Trump. The Republicans are going to continue to stand behind Trump and support his malicious, psychotic agenda like they’ve been doing since he HIJACKED the White House.

    I really want to leave the United States – this has always been an OPPRESSIVE and socially BACKWARD country. The only times I’ve ever been content living here is when Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama (both of whom are my favorite Presidents) were in office.

    I have extended family in Canada (Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island). I’ve been told they could “sponsor” me should I decide to immigrate there.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

    • I share your view on Republicans not going to punish trump, not while his base is still strongly supporting him. They know they lose when focus is on Russia investigation, punishing him means losing trump’s supporter. They will express criticism him here and there but they’ll let him be, all they’re doing now is giving the impression that things are turning toward Dems’ favor. In reality, trump’s base is getting even stronger. Thank you, Vlad, keep funding the Russian bots that trolls us.

  5. It’s all about the illusion, optics for the public and press, does DJT have definitive proof that Russia was not involved in the hack that wasn’t a hack ?
    A distraction ‘ look here, look there, look behind you ‘ they are playing a game ‘
    They are the perfect duo, are they the cat and the media the mice chasing their tails with mis-information provided by the cats ?
    Putin/Iran are allies, did Putin provide the list of corrupt politicians that Iran’s foreign minister said he would release if the Iran deal fell through ?
    These two with their Sun/Pluto/Saturn power will change the course of history, and Neptune will provide the veil, there is massive corruption at play here and Trump and Putin will reveal it. Over the coming months a Political scandal will be revealed like the world has never seen, and when it is revealed who is involved we will all be shocked..Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, think Treason..hang on tight..

  6. The body language was so telling for this meeting. Putin owns Trump one way or the other. People here are in an uproar and we are waiting to see if the Republicans actually do something.

  7. I mentioned this about a year ago – smacks of “the manchurian candidate”. Putin has something on Trump – that dacha film, for example, or something on Ivanka?

    This just doesn’t smell right.

  8. Both Fox News and Republican leaders are breaking with Trump over this summit. It’s not going down well with his usual enablers.

  9. Marjorie, do you see any indication when or if Putin’s fortunes will come crashing down? Karma can be a bitch, and Vlad’s greed and toxicity is begging for a comeuppance big time! This is not an anti-Russian question.

  10. “…Putin himself looks like the cat who got the cream through this July/August and November; less so from January 2019 onwards with muddle and mayhem through 2019…”

    Through November??? That makes me very nervous. If Vladimir Putin is looking satisfied in November (when we have our midterm elections) then I would assume he has the elections rigged in favor of the Republicans! I certainly hope that doesn’t happen.

    • First of all we should refer to the current occupant of the USA Presidents office in his true name, Trumputin the Disgraceful. In regards to Marjorie’s post, I wonder perhaps if T the D does not offer something great to his handler Vlad the Puppetmaster immediately following the November elections. Once the new congress is seated in early January, the master P may not be as pleased, and IF the republicans lose enough clout investigations may begin and carry into 2019/2020.

      Nova Scotia is a beautiful place, and I’m sure life there would be wonderful (but chilly), but keep your fingers crossed.

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