Trump & Pence – musical chairs down the line?

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There’s a good deal of hot talk about the possibility of Donald Trump being impeached, mainly on grounds of conflict of interest between his international business empire and countries where he has a foothold which have serious human rights concerns, like Turkey and the Philippines, never mind Russia. As I understand it this would need a Democrat majority in Congress which can’t happen before 2018.

The Inauguration chart of 20 Jan 2017 assuming 12 noon, is most at risk in late 2018 into 2019 when Pluto moves by Solar Arc to square the Uranus; though even from early 2018 tr Pluto will start to square the Uranus for two years – so that will be a very unstable time for the Trump administration. Though, to be remembered, there is Jupiter tied into that Inauguration square with Uranus Pluto which does suggest a greater degree of luck than circumstances might suggest or indeed it deserves.

Trump does have the cataclysmic Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Mars on his personal chart, exact in mid 2018, though that could be health as well as the possibility of a career-stopper. He’s also got two overwrought and panicky Solar Arcs in late 2018/19 – Solar Arc Neptune opposition Uranus and Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his 2nd house Neptune – so hitting on his career, reputation and finances. Before then he’ll be like a bull in a china shop, from Jan 2017 for two years, blithely disregarding accepted practices as beneath him. His Solar Return for 2019, for what it is worth, is hideous with Saturn Pluto in the 10th opposition a 4th house Mars which could certainly be interpreted as a career terminator.

VP Mike Pence, 7 June 1959, is facing an uphill battle in his unexpected promotion to possibly the most powerful VP job ever, if he’s allowed to get in a word edgeways that is.

Tr Pluto conjunct his Solar Arc Jupiter in 2017/18 will give him morale boosts as he faces one dangerous crisis after another through two muddled years; with 2018 being the worst by far. By then tr Neptune will square his Gemini Sun which is not generally uplifting for ambitions and that influence sticks around through 2019 as well. In 2018 also Solar Arc Saturn opposes his Pluto and Solar Arc Sun is conjunct his Uranus – so he’ll be feeling bleak, stuck, under a ton weight of problems and jolted at the same time. Uranus is, of course, the trickster planet so it could propel him into a different role. By 2020 he has tr Pluto sextile his Jupiter so will be into a successful, upbeat two years thereafter. Which means through the next election.

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  1. As someone who was born with the regal star Regulus on his Ascendant Mr. Trump should be careful.Regal stars can raise individuals to great heights but destroy them if they engage in unethical behavior.And he should be doubly cautious with that total solar eclipse on his ASC next August 21.

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