Trump flailing around, shooting himself in the foot



The Trump lash-back reflex appears to be misfiring spectacularly as he digs himself a crater-sized hole over presidential condolences to the families of soldiers killed in action. Following Roy Cohn, his mentor’s advice – ‘always be on the attack, counterpunch whenever punched and never apologize. Never, ever, ever apologize’ – he blames everyone else in sight, proclaims as lies what has been corroborated by several witnesses as the truth. And on he stumbles, thrashing wildly around.

His astro-timeline again:  He’s just got rid of tr Saturn conjunct his Sagittarius Moon, making him feel unloved and under-nurtured; and square his Sun/Moon midpoint which indicates a marital freeze; and in a politician unpopularity; and tr Saturn to opposition his Gemini Sun (finished October 13th) which tends to bring reality checks, setbacks and discouragement, as well as opposition his Mars/Jupiter midpoint which is no cheerier – difficulties in making decisions, termination of relationships, letting good opportunities slide. Though Saturn does tend to have a delay factor inbuilt so doesn’t necessarily disappear instantly. During September up to October 23rd he has also the depressing, confusing tr Pluto hitting on his Mercury/Saturn, Sun/Pluto and Mars/Neptune midpoints.

Regrettably from October 24th to early December tr Pluto returns to square his Jupiter for the final time which will bring a surge of over-confidence, a ‘might makes right’ forcefulness, and rules-don’t-apply-to-me mindset which could see him stepping even further over the line. 2nd November to December 1st tr Uranus is square his Venus in Cancer, which will make him more emotionally impulsive than usual, intolerant of and kicking against restrictions.

In December/January 2018 tr Uranus will be whipping up a storm as it crashes into his Sun/Mars, Mercury/Pluto and Venus/Saturn midpoints – 1) impulsive, over-excited, overtaxing strength (military call-up?); 2) fanatical, great mental strain; 3) emotional stress, acute loneliness.

There seems little likelihood of him acquiring any self-control at this late stage and with his Solar Arc Mercury approaching the square to his Uranus over coming months he’s likely to become even more incontinent with his scattergun tantrums. And his Solar Arc Uranus is now on the same degree as his Mars, approaching the exact conjunction in eight months’ time, which is intemperate, hot-headed and determined to prove its machismo by wild actions.

His Admin chart pinpoints late Oct/early Nov as one crisis/setback phase with tr Saturn square Mars; even before then from early October to early January 2018 there’s likely to be a run of disappointed hopes with tr Neptune square the Sun/Jupiter midpoint. With Dec/Jan 2018 looking especially fraught as tr Uranus squares the Sun/Pluto. Where it starts to look more cheerful is from late March 2018 onwards with a sudden lucky break and positive change in circumstance.

Melania is plodding stalwartly on; with Sun, Saturn, Mercury Venus in Taurus, she’s not one for reckless actions. Though she looks even more trapped than usual, certainly in November with tr Saturn square her Pluto; and a Solar Arc Pluto opposition her Saturn sometime soon, extending over several months. She does look more upbeat this December/January with tr Pluto square her Jupiter/Uranus midpoint. But into 2018 from February onwards it looks all tough going for her for about three years thereafter; with jolting changes in 2019 and onwards.

[Roy Cohn, see post March 7 2017]

12 thoughts on “Trump flailing around, shooting himself in the foot

  1. There’s an excellent piece by Peggy Noonan in The Wall Street Journal re crazy Don. Her observations are spot-on and very much aligned with your recent post, Marjorie. Google: Trump May Be Following Palin’s Trajectory–WSJ.

  2. America’s a mess right now, It doesn’t make sense that Trump could get a break in 2018, maybe he’ll have to walk away due to health issues, I don’t think Trump would be upset to have a chance to leave office & return to his luxurious life.

    • Dorothy, I get confused too about these “good” squares and oppositions. Seems like he would have a sudden, nasty surprise that hits his massive ego and career. Guess we’ll see.

    • Hi The tr Uranus square the DT Term MC at 26 Capricorn may or may not send him off track – Uranus can be a wild card, turning life upside down into total collapse and sometimes doing the opposite, opening new doors for a positive transformation. It was more the tr Pluto conjunct the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint picking up from late March 2018 till late 2019 which will bring renewed confidence, beneficial changes, good financial news. That’s around the time that Trump has his explosive Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Mars on his personal chart, so maybe – and one shouldn’t hope for health problems – but maybe he’ll have to take more of a back seat.

  3. I don’t understand why the status quo is holding steady, I really don’t. He can do anything, say anything, and there are no consequences.

    • Prez George HW Bush had a stretch of luck thru the gulf war. No matter what he did, it rained gold on him.

      I think Trumps network (both + and -) are numb to him. Perhaps this is what he hoped to accomplish. My cousin still makes sacrifices to the Trump God, insisting only he has the true news. All others are fabrications. Much like patrimonial gods of old.

      Isn’t he now being called the Teflon President?

      • Know what you mean, larryc. Now it’s like Bush is a different person, almost lobotomized, painting his pictures.

        Have lost friends to the Trump virus, too. Amazing to see christian folk adore someone who lived in the penthouse of 666 Park Avenue. What shall we call this new god? Teflon doesn’t do him justice. Mabus? The Beast? Damien? Dementiac?

        On a good note, there is an internet fundraising drive to pay for college for the kids of Sgt. Johnson, the soldier 50 ISIS fighters in Niger ambushed, the soldier who Trump dissed in his infamous phone call. The fellow who started the fund was hoping to reach a goal of $5,000, but got $600,000 in 24 hours, and hit a million dollars in 48 hours. Every time Trump disses the Johnson supporters or when civilian John Kelly used a Boston racist phrase to diss the Congresswoman, the fund shoots up higher.

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