Tonya Harding – brilliant talent, destructive relationships



Tonya Harding survived a fairly brutal childhood being forced to skate from 3 onwards by her pushy and neglectful mother. She went on to become US champion, performing moves never accomplished before and escaped into an abusive marriage. Her career ended when her by-then ex-husband’s friend attacked her main rival Nancy Kerrigan with the aim of knocking her out of the Olympics. Both competed with Kerrigan wining silver and Harding ending in 8th place, but she was then charged by the FBI for hindering the prosecution of the attacker. She claimed her ex-husband had threatened to kill her if she talked. But she’s never been able to escape being portrayed as the one responsible ever since. A recent mockumentary bio-pic I, Tonya has had multiple nominations for awards. She has married twice since, taken up boxing and now landscaping.

Tonya Harding, born 12 November 1970 8.22pm Portland, Oregon has a confident sporting and performing 5th house Sun, Jupiter, Venus in Scorpio opposition Moon Saturn in Taurus, which latter describes cold, hard mother. Her 4th house describing her childhood has an over-controlling and fearful Pluto, with a prone-to-violence Mars Uranus in Libra.

She would certainly clash temperamentally with Nancy Kerrigan, 13 Oct 1969 5.17 pm Woburn, MA. Kerrigan’s charmingly forceful Venus Pluto in Virgo and her Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Sun in Libra all fall in Harding’s 4th, so would stir up memories of her childhood; with Kerrigan’s Moon Neptune conjunct Harding’s Sun so she’d never be able to pin her down; and Kerrigan’s Mars was conjunct Harding’s Descendant for an argumentative, competitive interface. Their relationship chart was notably has a close Mars Neptune conjunction, meaning only one can win, and when they do the other feels diminished.

A tragic life in many ways with a bad start leading irrevocably to bad relationships.

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  1. I remembered the divorce as coming
    after the scheme was uncovered.They were together as
    a married couple at the time of
    the attack on Kerrigan.

  2. Tonya was a powerful, gymnastic skater much like Surya Bonaly of France. They were never quite accepted. Bonaly, the Olympic champion was bitterly disappointed to be left off the Olympic podium.

    I’ve always wondered how the actual gold medalist Oksana Baiul, a Ukranian 16 year old orphan, felt about her victory. She’d lost all of her family in the few years previously. When she won the gold, the first for Ukraine as an independent state, it was over shadowed by this media circus. She was later treated in rehab.

    Seems like there were no winners that year, but Kerrigan got lots of work out of it. In a strange turn of events a few years ago her brother was convicted of assaulting their father.

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