Tom Hardy – turned his life around



UK actor Tom Hardy – Black Hawk Down, The Revenant, Mad Max, The Kray Twins, TV’s Peaky Blinders and at present in the savage BBC drama Taboo which he co-created with his father – revels in playing menacing roles. He’s even being mentioned as a future Bond.

Born 15 September 1977, he’s another Sun Virgo, like Rufus Sewell, Sean Connery, Jeremy Irons; but his chart is dominated by an adventurous and emotionally excitable Mars Jupiter in Cancer square Pluto, which gives him a reservoir of anger and a real edge of danger. His Mars Jupiter are also trine Uranus which again will stoke up his testosterone.

He had a tumultuous youth, being expelled from school, doing several short stays in prison and acquiring a cocaine habit that nearly killed him. He’s twice married and is now an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust which mentors the young.

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  1. We watched the first episode of “Taboo” but didn’t warm to it. Fine cast, though. IMO, it hit the ground running too fast, and presented too many plot lines without the viewer being emotionally invested in any of them.

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