Tom Hanks – a motherless Cancer

Actor Tom Hanks – Philadelphia, Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Castaway – became visibly emotional on Desert Island Discs this week when talking of his lonely childhood.

Born 9 July 1956 9.17 am Concord, California, his parents divorced when he was four and he lived with his father and two elder siblings in a peripatetic life which saw them moving homes multiple times.

He is a Cancer Sun so would miss his mother and the security of a stable home. His Sun is widely trine a 3rd house Saturn in Scorpio on one side and an exact trine to Mars in Pisces on the other – so a Water Grand Trine, self-protective, private, with a strong inner fantasy life and a good deal of harshness around him. He’s also got a Moon Uranus in Leo pointing to a rupture with his mother. Plus a determined, confident and creatively talented Jupiter Pluto on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine to Venus MC in Gemini trine Neptune; with Jupiter Pluto square Saturn.

He’s got tr Pluto opposing his Sun in 2016/17 so a challenging and transformational time for him.

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