Tom Cruise – eclipsed Uranus pushes him off track

Actor Tom Cruise is thought to have broken his ankle in two places after smashing into the side of a building when a roof top leap went wrong as he was filming Mission: Impossible 6 in London. He is famous for insisting on performing all his own stunts and according to reports has gone back the US for treatment, pushing back filming on the shoot by months.

Born 3 July 1962 New York with a putative, unsourced time of 3.06pm, he’s a Sun Cancer in a creative, though not always realistic Water Grand Trine to Jupiter in Pisces and Neptune. That apart his chart is substantially Fixed giving him endurance and perseverance. His Leo Moon and North Node oppose Saturn squaring onto Neptune – so he’s very Neptunian, suited to the film business and also to strong spiritual beliefs, especially with his Sun in the 9th. Plus he has Mars in ultra-determined Taurus square Uranus – and it is that latter which is interesting since the Leo Solar Eclipse next week is conjunct his Uranus tugging on that accident-prone square. Plus he has tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Pluto midpoint exactly now which is also disaster-prone and highly frustrating, repeating this November. He’ll come roaring back with great vigour and confidence from January 2018 and that will carry him through the year.

His birth time is too iffy to go by. However he will have quite a significant change come 2020 when tr Uranus opposes his Neptune and squares his Saturn, which will be unnerving and fairly discombobulating. Though his Solar Arc Jupiter catching up to aspect that T square in 2022 will give him a renewed boost.

9 thoughts on “Tom Cruise – eclipsed Uranus pushes him off track

  1. Omphale, Some years back Tom Cruise sued the Express in the UK for saying he was not heterosexual and won £1 million in damages. So I’d be grateful if you didn’t repeat that thought.
    On Sharon: some of her earlier posts were seriously off the wall and unpleasant so frankly she deserved what criticism she got.
    I’d be grateful if everyone toned down their comments.

    • Marjorie, I think the Defamation Act 2013 would protect you in the UK now from being liable for user generated content, unless you ignore a takedown notice.

      However, it’s worth everyone remembering, there is no such thing as online privacy or true anonymity. If you wouldn’t say it in public, don’t say it online.

  2. J-bird….. Calm down. Stop trying to be such a bully. Your opinion is not the standard by which everybody else needs to live. Let all the voices be heard. Lots of different people from very different backgrounds of experience in the world.

    • Omphale. I was calm. I was not bullying. I did not express my opinion about anything but the fact that you and Sharon had found each other, and I wished you fun with each other.

      So, “let all the voices be heard” but mine? Bully me? Be angry with me?

      Let me point out that neither one of your comments were coherently in line with the purpose of this site, and, as I stated, will derail it. If you have so much peace, love and understanding in your hearts, you should take your convo private, and hold it off the site.

  3. Sharon, there are some people who comment on this site that wish to paint you as ‘crazy’….as some sort of lunatic. I think that they are wrong in their attack on your opinion. It’s just that they don’t like what you are saying, and they have a very strong reaction. Because you always have some strongly-worded and well-researched point to make. And I think that you’ve really nailed it here. Tom Cruise has not been transparent about his sexuality for a long time, imo. But until now I hadn’t seen him as such a tool of American supremacy and entitlement. It’s an old narrative left over from WWII, and carefully tended to keep it in place. What really is the US doing with all this virtue-signaling about freedom and democracy in other peoples’ countries? When I see your name on a post, I’m always anxious to see what you’ve said. I may not always agree, but you certainly offer what is a different look at things in these times of corporate propaganda.

  4. Is it not the universe trying to tell him that he is played out? Indeed, Saul Williams was talking about how “America is behind the times” in terms of art, music and media and “no longer contributes to the world conversation or innovation, just resting in an old ended paradigm churning out meaningless stale media…Europe and Middle East and India are more centres for innovative meaningful media these days, especially music…” So maybe the Universe have paid ‘The Well Known Hetro-Sexual’ Tom Cruise off. Tedious actor, tedious Hollywood propaganda about a thin, rich, democratic America with no racism…Where the ‘American Dream’ is so alive..” Zzzzzzzzzzzz ; )

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