Tim Kaine – a middle-of-the-road Hillary helpmate



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Tim Kaine, a centrist senator from Virginia, a fluent Spanish speaker who opposes abortion but supports abortion rights, is pro-trade and has never lost an election – has been chosen as Hillary Clinton’s running mate. He describes himself as boring and HC says he’s the eternal optimist.

Born Feb 26 1958 7.59am St Paul, in Minnesota, he has a 12th house Sun Mercury in Pisces opposition a hard-working 6th house Pluto and trine an upbeat, sociable 7th house Jupiter Neptune North Node in Scorpio – so controlled, enthusiastic, content to work behind the scenes but also good at diplomatic glad-handing. His Jupiter Neptune Node is on the focal point of a Fixed T Square to a friendly 11th house Venus in Aquarius opposition Uranus – so idealistic and upbeat. Such a Fixed Jupiter can be philanthropic and an enlightened political spokesman, though it can also suffer from Jupiter’s downside of impracticality especially tied into Neptune. His ambitious, pragmatic Mars in Capricorn is in his 10th, not much aspected.

His Gemini Moon is on the point of a Yod to Neptune sextile a Capricorn MC, which, at best, means he has the capacity to soothe others. His Pluto is on the focal point of another Yod to Venus sextile his Aries Asc which can bring high-level authority and organizational control. It’s downside is a tendency to manipulate.

His Jupiter Neptune is conjunct HC’s 12th house Scorpio Sun which makes for a good morale-boosting duo with his Venus square her Sun which is also sociable. There will be differences of approach since his Uranus squares her Sun and his Saturn in Sagittarius opposes her Uranus – so on some issues he’ll be more reformist and on others less so. His Pluto is conjunct her MC (8.01am birth time being sound) – which can make for an influential couple though it could descend into power-struggling along the way if he tries to exert control.

His Moon is in her 7th, his Sun conjunct her IC which should both be reassuring for HC.

HC’s Sun falls in his 7th, which is good for a partnership, her Pisces Moon falls in his 12th, in the same sign though not conjunct his Sun – good for behind-the-scenes contacts. Her MC is trine his MC – so supportive careers.

Their relationship chart has an emotionally close, complementary, composite Venus trine Pluto; with a pro-active Sun sextile Mars. There’s a more problematic Neptune Saturn maybe opposition Moon square Uranus but that could get soaked up in managing crises if they happen to get to the White House.

Barack Obama’s relationship chart with Joe Biden wasn’t ideal, though JB’s Sun Venus are conjunct BO’s MC with JB’s Jupiter trine BO’s MC as well.

There’s nothing much of help on Kaine’s birth chart apart from a mildly successful tr Jupiter sextile his Sun/Mars in the days before the election. He looks exceptionally pressured in December with tr Pluto conjunct his Mars in Capricorn, which runs on through 2017; and he’s less than delirious over coming months with the tr Neptune square tr Saturn hitting on his Mars/Node and Mars/Neptune midpoints right through till February 2017. But the relationship chart with HC does have a helpful, morale-boosting tr Pluto sextile Jupiter over the election which looks successful. Tr Saturn is heading upwards in his chart through his 9th, reaching his MC by 2018 when he’ll hit his peak for seven years thereafter. With tr Jupiter going through his 7th for the next year and his Progressed Moon going through his 5th for the next two plus years, he looks in for an enjoyable, sociable time. His Solar Arc Jupiter will conjunct his MC by mid 2019, so he could be aiming for the next Presidential round in 2020.


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