Tillerson v Trump – arm wrestling



Rex Tillerson pushes for diplomacy over North Korea and is promptly contradicted by his White House boss. Presumably he just chooses the ignore the views of the man he reputedly called ‘a moron’ and do what seems sensible. Though this is the third time in several months he’s been publicly at odds with Trump. One wonders how far Tillerson’s sang froid will go before the elastic snaps?

He looks depressed at the moment with tr Neptune square his Sun/Pluto and at a very low ebb with Trump with tr Neptune opposing the composite Mars/Pluto midpoint. By mid January 2018 tr Saturn will square his Aries Sun and the Mars on his Swearing-In chart (1 February 2017 7.25pm). February into late March he looks martyred and confused. With a blow-out of bad temper with Trump in February. His Term chart as Secretary of State will go into an even more unstable phase from late March onwards. Though he, personally, looks fairly bullish at that point as well as ready to make radical changes.

He may hope to stay lashed to the mast, praying fervently for a change at the top before his stamina and self-control give up. But it’ll be a close run thing.

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