Theresa May – the longest goodbye in history ** + Boris

The never-ending mystery of Theresa May’s leaving date just keeps on trucking. There’s still no definite date but maybe a ‘timetable’ of departure if and when something happens down the road. Not that any of the alternatives are exactly enticing – Boris, Corbyn, Farage – all too depressing to contemplate.

The cross-party talks with Corbyn have fallen to bits in failure and rancour which is no surprise since their relationship chart has a volatile, evasive, distrustful composite T Square of Neptune Saturn opposition Mars square Uranus Venus – which is being pounded this year by tr Pluto and tr Saturn.

One argument for her dither and delay is she can’t stand the prospect of Boris  replacing her and in her magical mystical imagination getting Brexit put to bed before she goes will undermine his platform.  That relationship chart isn’t much better with an aggravated Saturn opposition Jupiter Venus square Mars – with a heavily frustrated and enraged Mars being battered by tr Pluto from later this month through June – and on and off till late 2020.

Her own chart has a disempowering tr Neptune opposition the Sun/Pluto midpoint till mid August; a road-blocked tr Pluto conjunct Mars/Node from late this month till early July; then a catastrophic tr Pluto conjunct Mars/Saturn till late August – after which everything just listed above goes in reverse order through into 2020. It could happen anytime – or never.

Sooo important and soooooo boring.

Boris’s stars ahead: Upheaval in June which can be sudden adjustment to new circumstances, not always positive, though could also be an advancement. Seriously stuck and enraged in November/December. Marginally more bounce from late January 2020 for a few weeks.  Though not looking as chipper as Penny Mordaunt, the new Defence Secretary, is at that late Jan 2020 phase, on and off till late 2020.

4 thoughts on “Theresa May – the longest goodbye in history ** + Boris

  1. Well the 12 months grace she gained from the Conservative Party Constitution because of Jacob Rees Mogg ill timed attempt to oust her in 2018 expires in December 2019.

    I don’t see her surviving the next challenge.

    • I read that the grassroots Conservatives are calling an EGM, extraordinary general meeting, which could well topple May, despite her 12 months’ grace after she survived a no-confidence vote in The Commons. So she could be gone sooner than we think. Not belonging to any political party and not disclosing my own personal politics either, I just wanted to add that.

      I wish she would go though. She’s just clinging onto power and clinging onto her version of Brexit which has been defeated three times. Many believe she’s now the problem. I agree.

  2. Thanks Marjorie,
    The interrelationship with BJ is interesting. Her dislike of him is understandable. I seem to recall you felt he wasn’t looking good for the PM job, is that right? I strongly suspect the anti BJ brigade will be sharpening their knives, not least his poor long suffering ex to be wife, no doubt keeping her powder dry for maximum impact. I got a tenner on Mogg at 33/1, is that money wasted?

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