Theresa May – rabbit in the headlights paralysis


‘In truth, she (Theresa May) may be a haunting premonition for Britain. Having wrecked all options that rival her own, she has probably condemned the country to live out her own personal fate. That is to endure Brexit as a burden, to the bitter end through gritted teeth.’ (Sherelle Jacobs, Telegraph).

Despite losing three votes in Westminster, including one on contempt, and facing a swingeing defeat next week, she continues to battle resolutely onwards with her ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ face set in a rictus smile – or is it a rabbit-in-the-headlights paralysis? An emergency meeting with Cabinet supporters had them shifting their schedule in a hurry expecting to hear their leader’s mind. Instead of which she asked them for ideas and it finished rapidly.

Her odd temperament comes from her Saturn in obsessive Scorpio square Pluto Venus in Leo which is utterly unyielding; juxtaposed with her Libra Sun which is indecisive; her Mars opposition Jupiter which is flaky; and her Mercury midpoints which are rife with confusion. And she has three outer planets in the last anaretic degree, which will tend to make her evaluate and re-evaluate situations and then act impulsively without regard to common sense. The anaretic individual tends towards poor choices and overcompensation. She certainly overcompensates on her Fixed quality of stubbornness. When in doubt, just stonewall.

Ignoring her for a moment, the UK chart has tr Saturn moving in hard aspect to the Ascendant, the Midheaven next week after the vote and the Capricorn Sun over Christmas – so generally under a dark cloud of gloom, with undertones of flat panic as tr Saturn is also conjunct the Neptune/Pluto midpoint. All of which point to the UK’s image and direction taking a battering and running into setbacks. Luckily it won’t last beyond the New Year. And there are some glimmerings of Jupiter through 2019.

Which is more than can be said for TMay who looks to be failing this month, with tr Neptune conjunct her Mars and tr Saturn square her Sun and Solar Arc Uranus exactly now; and in catastrophe-mode from mid January onwards. Her Government chart has one piece of relief from mid December onwards, though running alongside that is a disastrous few days over New Year; and if it survives that long is into a swamp from May. Her own chart picks up career-loss influences from April 2019 onwards.

Jeremy Corbyn, who seems curiously detached from the whole debacle, is logjammed every which way in the days after the vote, highly agitated and lacklustre in January; and his Leadership chart gets a massive turn-upside-down jolt from April onwards.

He may in some odd way be part of the Theresa May Laurel and Hardy act. When Maggie Thatcher went Neil Kinnock followed soon after.

Keir Starmer, the Opposition Brexit spokesman, looks beyond horrified over Christmas; blocked and enraged mid January to mid February; but picking up more successful influences from April onwards.

A monumental cluster****.

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6 thoughts on “Theresa May – rabbit in the headlights paralysis

  1. Theresa May is a puzzle. I have admired her sticking to the job but she is definitely a ‘one club golfer’ as far as Brexit is concerned. She was a lukewarm Remain supporter in the Referendum and her Brexit negotiations have reflected that fact. She has been unyielding in the way she has managed the process but she has rather weakly allowed the EU negotiators to herd her down one route without exploring all the possibilities. Most worryingly and unforgivably neither she, her government or her civil servants appear to have a BATNA (Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement) in place which I was always taught was the first thing you should have prepared before entering negotiations. Odd really because she does not have a particularly fixed chart. I doubt she can survive if her proposals get voted down but I dont see any obvious replacement.

  2. Thank you Marjorie. Mars in Pisces is difficult isn’t it? Mars’s energy and focus surely blurs in this sign and with Neptune’s influence, a double whammy of fog, smoke and mirrors. It’s worrying that Neptune is also coming up to an opposition with May’s Jupiter in Virgo – what does that say about the accuracy of her judgement?

      • TM Progressed Mars is at 28° Pisces I believe which is conjunct the fixed star Scheat which is associated with drowning both physically and metaphorically. Transiting Mars joins it at that degree on 30 December 2018.

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