The Trumps – out mob-handed ++ Tiffany

The Trump tribe were out in force for the Republican Party convention with Don Trump Jnr in the lead issuing a firebrand speech in support of his father and a denunciation of Joe Biden.

Don Jnr: Born 31 December 1977 (no time) he’s an ambitious Sun Venus in Capricorn in a controlled/controlling square to Pluto, trine a hard-working Saturn in Virgo and inconjunct Mars in flashy Leo with his Mars in a volatile, uncompromising square to Uranus and an over-promising Mercury in Sagittarius opposition Jupiter.

He’s not remotely hopeful, feels as if he’s standing on swampy ground and is stuck at the same time running into the election and across the New Year with various Neptune midpoints being triggered as well as a blocked, depressed Solar Arc Pluto square his Saturn around now and in effect for several months.  2021 will be uncertain and panicky; with better luck in 2022.

His relationship with his father is moving into nervy, disappointed and turbulent times through 2021 and beyond.

Eric: Born 6 January 1984, he’s another Sun Capricorn sextile Saturn in Scorpio with a frustrated/trapped Mars Pluto conjunction.  Not the sharpest tool in the box evidently, he’s wanted by the New York attorney general for a probe into the Trump Organization, with talk of improperly inflated assets and “protracted criminal conduct”.

He’s disappointed, facing losses this September and is seriously on edge over the election, set back on his heels until late November and again in spring next year. 2021 will see high hopes dashed but 2022 is his nadir with a disruptive Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Uranus and tr Pluto in a scary, high-risk, trapped square to his Pluto through 2023 as well.

With his father he’s on a serious downhill slide now and right through into 2021 and beyond with hints of devastation and major concerns.

Ivanka: 30 October 1981 is a Sun Scorpio sextile Mars in Virgo with a pushily-confident Jupiter Pluto in Libra and an ethereal Neptune Venus in Sagittarius. She’s in a mixed patch with tr Pluto square her Jupiter Pluto for an almighty and enthusiastic push in place over the New Year to late January 2021, and again later in the year. But she’s also got a car-crash halt from Solar Arc Mars conjunct her Saturn round about now and in effect for several months. October to late November will be a time of great mental strain and arguments; and 2021/22 from March onwards has discouraging influences as well as bullish ones.

Unlike the other two she will have upbeat moments with her father. Not everything will be sweetness and light with a disaster or two lurking in September. But they look in good spirits when together from late next January with a few dips but more ups into 2022.  What’s intriguing is that she has a Sagittarius Moon, given the Woody Harrelson conversation recently about those who see glaringly inadequate parents through rose-coloured glasses.

 Jared Kushner: Born 10 Jan 1981, another materialistic and ambitious Sun Mercury in Capricorn in a controlled/controlling square to Pluto, as befits a man with a criminal father and a father-in-law cut from much the same cloth. He’s on tenterhooks, edgy and insecure at the moment, expecting mishaps and he’ll get them from now right through to late November as tr Uranus squares his North Node, then his Sun/Mars midpoint in September and his Mars in Aquarius from late October across the election – all of which repeat in spring next year. 2022/23/24 look to be his worst years – panicked, blocked, scary.

With Trump – jumpy, neurotic and concerned this September and more so through a good deal of 2021 with losses littering their path; but also upbeat from March 2021 onwards in patches through to 2022.

 Melania: 26 April 1970 a Sun, Saturn and Mercury in Taurus with a showbizzy Mars opposition Neptune, she’s been in a downbeat mood recently, which returns from late November. Exactly now till late November as a tell-all book by a former adviser is due out (September 1) she’s stressed, blocked and not feeling in control; with worse in 2021 as her Solar Arc Sun squares her Pluto and the tr Uranus square tr Saturn elbows her Saturn. But she’s not much of a guide since she would not regard another four years in the White House with undiluted joy.

Her relationships with all the main Trump offspring are inherently bad with active dislike from Don Jnr, much the same from Ivanka, Jared and Eric  – all of the relationship charts have afflicted Mars, either in hard aspect to Saturn or Pluto or both and Neptune.

Melania’s relationship with Donald is facing a tussle for the upper hand late November through December; and into 2021 there’s a mix of grim-slog, disappointing, hostile arguments and jolting upheavals from the spring onwards.

Younger daughter Tiffany, only offspring of the Marla Maples marriage, educated in sociology and law though better known for her fashion interests and million plus Instagram followers, spoke on the second day to praise her father and criticise the media for being one sided.

Born 13 October 1993 12.50pm West Palm Beach, Florida, she’s an enthusiastic Sun Jupiter in Libra square a highly strung Uranus Neptune conjunction; plus an uber-determined Mercury Mars in Scorpio and Pluto also in Scorpio in a stubborn square to Saturn in cool Aquarius and in a seductively charming sextile to Venus Moon in Virgo. She’s a good deal tougher than her air-head barbie-doll looks would imply.

She’s the most upbeat of the kids with tr Pluto square her Sun/Jupiter now till late November; a lucky-break tr Uranus opposition her Jupiter/Pluto midpoint in September; and an even more go-ahead tr Pluto square her Jupiter (same as Ivanka) over New Year to late January. Though she’s also got unsettled and upsetting Uranus transits to two Saturn midpoints late December to early February, which she’ll tackle with positive bravado. Late March 2021 onwards will be confidence-sapping for a year thereafter.

Her relationship chart with her father is pretty scary with a dominating composite Mars Pluto in an unpredictable square to Uranus and an evasive/disappointing Sun square Neptune; plus an emotionally cool, defensive composite Moon opposition Saturn. Those latter two planets will be seriously rattled from late October to late November across the election, so they will be living through disruptive times together.

Dynasty had nothing on this lot.

22 thoughts on “The Trumps – out mob-handed ++ Tiffany

  1. Assassination attempt will be made on US President. Note from N. Bhattacharya
    Dated: 27 th August 2020

    From September 2020 onwards diseases will start exploding and simultaneously social unrest intensify.
    November being the worst month with the Governments unable to control the situation.
    New York will be worst affected.
    A major events will take place.

    Thereafter it’s chastisement after chastisement as God punishes for unrepentant sins.
    US election may also be affected due to some events to come.
    Always pray pray and pray.

  2. Following the RNC, articles aplenty now appearing how the Trump “restrained” vision of law & order is dissolving, dissolving into ” I’ll wing it”, to quote him.

    Looking back on the two “conventions”. defniitely the Dems appear more heartfelt while the GOP camp followers merely fight over morsels tossed onto the ground for them to fight over.

    I’m truly frightened by GOP followers in the post-election months . I’ve also seen requests by the Dems for volunteers to monitor local elections. Dare I volunteer?

    Welcome back, Marjorie.

  3. Actually Trump and Maples weren’t married when Tiffany was born. Also it’s a major SOS from Trump to have Tiffany speak on his behalf because there were reports that when Maples told Trump that she was pregnant he asked her what she was going to do about it so it isn’t surprising that Tiffany and daddy aren’t exactly BFFs.

    • While I don’t think Marla is much better than the rest, being an antivaxxer, she is seems more selfawere. Scorpio Sun, Aqua Moon and late Libra Mercury, not a “foolish” combo.

      This also brought me down the memory lane, because I thought Marla never dropped Maples out of her name. And yes, checking brought me to 1997 Miss USA competition she hosted with Brooke Lee winning. She really went by Marla Maples Trump. And was actually good! Very expressive, delivered her lines much more convincingly than a consumate pro George Hamilton. Also underlines how profoundly horrible Melania or Stephanie Guilfort are in this.

      • Scorpio Sun, Aqua Moon and late Libra Mercury, not a “foolish” combo.
        I disagree. Marla married Trump then she signed that prenup which allowed him to terminate the marriage before five years. I am sure she received a nice settlement, but did Marla or her lawyers not see that one coming from several miles away?

  4. I must admit, I enjoyed reading every line of this post. I love it when the “Orange Imbecile” Donald Trump and his disgusting family are having a miserable time. Saturn (aka, the Karma planet) is a b*@#h and the Trump family deserves every bit of suffering she chooses to inflict upon them.

    • Actually…I have nothing against Mary Trump or Maryanne Barry (they’re at least against Donald Trump). So, I don’t wish either of them any misery. In fact, I wish them both well.

    • Well yes, a little, with the nepotism themes….but the Trumps do not have Leonardo da Vinci or Macchiavelli working for them! Pope Alexander VI was a Capricorn, 31 December 1430 (Julian calendar) with a Cardinal t-square of Sun/Saturn, Uranus and Mars. To lighten the mix, he had Mercury in Capricorn opposite Pluto in Cancer. He was, probably, everything they say about debauchery, murderous rages, and all the rest – yet highly educated as well. Curiously, Rupert Murdoch – another “Dynasty” figure in our world, also has wide t-square of Mars and Pluto in Cancer, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus also in Aries. His Mercury in Pisces trines Pluto, but I often think Mercury/Pluto is what it is, whatever the aspect may be.

      • Thanks so much for the interesting astrology, Jane. Yes, I see that Pope Alex was an educated man and of course, one look at the gold-leafed gin palace that is Trump Tower is enough to drive home the fact that Trump lacks aesthetic appreciation. I suppose I was thinking of the incestuous themes surrounding the Bs and how they fell out with and made enemies of pretty much everyone of importance at the time!

        • Yes, the Bs were full on weren’t they?! The Trumps are certainly full of twists and turns, but more in a game show kind of way I feel. Or some dark reality TV series…..we humans seem to have a need for/fascination with prominent families, whether royal or otherwise. And many of those families have been faced with not only drama and scandal, but tragedy as well. Back to the Greek myths perhaps?!

  5. This made me smile so much! Considering the immense suffering they’ve caused and continue to cause their countrymen, this is a tiny bit of the karma they deserve. Thank you so much, Marjorie!

  6. “Dynasty had nothing on this lot.” – both funny and sadly true. Every day it seems something comes out – either directly out of their mouths or their entourage and supporters, or something is revealed, and the reaction is, “you can’t make this up”.
    The appeal of much of fiction is that it can transport you briefly to another existence, be original, complex, even other-worldly, and ‘might’ happen in real life, but really wouldn’t.

    With this family and administration, there is no relief to be had that it’s all just a nightmare to wake up from, because it’s all too real, sometimes complicated but most often dumb, (hence ‘you can’t make this up’ as no writer worth his/her salt would propose such a script), and unlike Dynasty, the damage they inflict extends far beyond their family.

  7. Junior and girlfriend were high as kite in their respective prerecorded messages, something that didn’t go unnoticed by the media. Junior especially looked rough. I would not count out a serious rehab in 2021.

  8. Not a family to spend Xmas with. One wonder’s what would be mixed in with the giblets and gravey. Perhaps Putin would send Donald a special seasoning mix…?

    • They’re not jackals, they’re Cape hunting dogs or African wild dogs as theyre sometimes known.
      They’re actually pretty amazing but also very very endangered, which hopefully applies to the Trump klan as well.

    • Brilliant – but tend to believe they may be more benevolent …… Live in Germany so not sure, but aren’t these wild dogs – might be even more relevant.

    • I was really looking for a pic of hyenas in a pack or even wolves but this was the only one I could find. They are fairly mangy creatures and depend on the support of the other wider family members.
      Hyenas evidently come out of the womb in fighting mood and maul the other siblings in the nest.

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