The Monarchy – can it hold up when everything else crashes down?

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With the UK ceiling falling down, there are questions about the status of the Monarchy. Not that leaving the EU will have any affect. But as representatives of the old order, they are in an anomalous situation, with much resting on the Queen’s 90 year old shoulders.

The Hanoverian monarchy was established on 1 August 1714. Edward V11 did change the family name to his father’s but since he was Victoria’s son and direct heir, the lineage did continue. That chart looks panicky and cornered in 2016/17; and thoroughly off balance by 2018. It’ll have been through heavy influences in its 300 year history but the whole period up to 2023 looks very jangled, discouraged and road-blocked.

Prince Charles does have tr Uranus conjunct his 10th house Moon in 2018 which looks like a significant change both in his career/life’s direction and relationship with his mother. And by 2023 has Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Scorpio Sun – which coincides with the above, so there may be setbacks for the monarchy then.

Prince William has tr Uranus moving across his IC in 2018 which suggest a home/base relocation and significant changes within the family.  His life will change again radically by 2021 when his Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct his Uranus, changing his future plans and his circle of friends.

He was born on an Eclipse cycle, 2 Old North, which ends in 2036 and an astrologer once suggested that meant he’d be the last King. I’m not sure of the logic of this but usually Eclipse cycles throw up key events when they recur, ever 18 or so years.  He went to University on the last one in 2000 where he met his future bride.  Next one is 2018 which fits with tr Uranus conjunct his IC.

Around 2036 and just after, tr Saturn is conjunct his Solar Arc New Moon with tr Pluto in opposition which looks fairly major.

There’s nothing much then on the Hanoverian chart. Who knows?  Maybe just a non-sequitur.

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