The Last Jedi – a Mars in Scorpio backlash



The Last Jedi, universally praised by critics with a soaring box office, has run into a hostile backlash from some fans who are burning their Star Wars shirts in disappointment. The fandom world is bizarre at the best of times, with fans having an unhealthily-obsessive investment in their fantasy characters and the actors who play them. It can easily turn toxic when they aren’t given what they want and expect. In this case part of the gripe appears to be that what was a white guy franchise has now diversified in the new younger generation with a wider racial spread and, heaven forfend, more women.

On the charts for start of principal photography in early 2016 and release this month, apart from the tumultuous Uranus square Pluto, and priggishly self-righteous Saturn in Sagittarius, both have Mars in Scorpio. Mars having just returned on its two-year cycle as the movie opened.

This is an obsessively driven placing for can-be-aggressive Mars, which loves and loathes with equal intensity and will carry a grudge to the ends of the galaxy and beyond when it doesn’t get its way. It can turn rancid in individuals who don’t have much of a life or much self-confidence. Instead of sorting themselves out, they make other peoples’ lives a misery by acting out their resentment, venting their spleen and sarcasm and dreaming of revenge.

The shame is that when properly directed the do-or-die determination of Mars in Scorpio can move mountains and achieve the impossible. Though sitting in a multi-plex chucking popcorn at the screen isn’t exactly the arena where it can showcase its talents. The guys who made the movie Yes; the passive watchers NO.


5 thoughts on “The Last Jedi – a Mars in Scorpio backlash

  1. Saw the movie this afternoon. Much better plto development and acting than in past movies. The trailers for Rogue1 were much better than the film. OK, a couple of hoakie moments and those birds…mini-me cornish hens.

  2. SPOILER—warning

    Some of the fandom are disappointed that the girl Rey was not of the royal or Jedi lineage. Speculation has been that she was the daughter of one of the important characters, like Luke or Obi, etc. Turns out the movie reveals she’s the daughter of a couple of lowlifes who sold her as a child for drinks. Not received well by the fans. However, this could be totally turned upside down in the next movies, as Mars moves around the wheel, and then the fans will be over the moon.

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