Thailand cave rescue – eclipses shine global spotlight on Thailand



The perilous Thailand cave rescue has caught the world’s attention and brought in international helpers to assist local Thai navy divers. The teenage football team became trapped on June 23rd when the Mars opposition North Node Venus square Uranus opposition a Scorpio Moon was in place – accident prone, emotionally upsetting, catching significant attention with the Node involved.

When the Chile Mine accident occurred in 2010 with miners trapped for two months, there was Mars Saturn opposition Uranus Jupiter square Pluto North Node – so a similar afflicted Mars tied into the Node.

The Thailand 24 June 1932 chart does have the upcoming 13th July Cancer Solar Eclipse this month conjunct its Pluto; the Lunar Eclipse two weeks later conjunct the Thai Saturn in Aquarius; and the mid-August Solar Eclipse conjunct the Thai Jupiter in Leo. All of these will be in effect now – a dangerous, underworld situation with Pluto; requiring massive effort with Saturn; and hopefully bringing good news from Jupiter, though one professional diver has already died.

Located to the scene near Chiang Rai, the 13 July Cancer Solar Eclipse has Neptune on the Descendant and Pluto in the 5th house of children opposition the New Moon; with Mars also in the 5th square Uranus in the 8th.   The July 27th Lunar Eclipse has Neptune on the MC and Saturn on the Descendant; with Jupiter in the 5th. And the 11 August Solar Eclipse has Pluto on the Ascendant and Uranus on the IC. Outer planets on the chart angles for Eclipses usually points up significant events for the location.

One of the boys had his 16th birthday on the day they became trapped. Pheeraphat Sompiengjai would have been born in 2002. This puts his Solar Arc Pluto opposition his Cancer Sun for a totally stuck situation; with an upsetting Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Mars in Cancer. What looks hopeful is tr Pluto retrograding back to oppose his Mars/Jupiter midpoint within days.

That would be my worst nightmare, being stuck underground and having to swim under water through a long winding narrow tunnel. Four are now out and – cross fingers and pray – all the others will be got out tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Thailand cave rescue – eclipses shine global spotlight on Thailand

  1. Thank you, Lord Jupiter! That was one brilliantly conceived and executed rescue operation. Two divers per boy, etc. I am in awe of the divers’ bravery. The trust they had to instill in those boys before embarking on the perilous journey home. Just incredible.

  2. All out, thank heavens. What an ordeal and that was only watching the whole terrifying process. The rescue team of cave divers are brave men and the kids evidently were supercool. Pluto, then Saturn, then Jupiter – a huge challenge, massive effort and apart from the one professional who died Jupiter brought the luck.

  3. Would be curious about chart of “leader/coach” who took them into the
    cave in the first place. The common sense is surely lacking.
    He may be a good coach, but not necessarily a good leader.

  4. Everything crossed that they all get out OK, it has been terrifying to watch, can’t imagine how terrifying it must be to be caught up in. Amazing that they were found in the first place when you think that the divers had to take off their oxygen to get through one area to reach them. The chaps that found them are genuine heroes.

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