Texas – the macho culture running amok

A Texas ban on abortions after six weeks has gone ahead despite Chief Justice Roberts of SCOTUS calling the enforcement scheme as “not only unusual, but unprecedented” and said it deserved more exacting judicial scrutiny. He was over-ruled by five of his conservative colleagues. Over recent years other such attempts at state level have been blocked. Justice Sonia Sotomayor voiced her dissent calling it “a flagrantly unconstitutional law engineered to prohibit women from exercising their constitutional rights.” President Biden condemned the law.

  Trying to extract a pattern from a plethora of charts, what is eye-catching is the presence of Aquarius both in the pro- and anti-lobbies.

  Texas, 2 March 1836, has Mars Mercury in Aquarius which on an 11am start chart for the USA is conjunct the US Moon and also coincidentally conjunct the US Solar Arc Mars. I have found Mars in Aquarius in the past, amongst its less admirable qualities, to show traits of being downright ornery, aggressively wilful and inordinately stubborn, not a sentimentalist or compassionate. Saudi Arabia and Northern Ireland (1922) also have Mars in Aquarius.

  The Texas Neptune in Aquarius is also conjunct the USA South Node – pulling it backwards into a swamp.

   Amy Barratt and Brett Kavanaugh, the two most recent Trump nominees are both Sun Aquarius with conservative Samuel Alito having Venus Jupiter in Aquarius.

 The SCOTUS chart also has a controlling Sun Pluto in Aquarius which tr Uranus is upending at the moment squaring the Sun and will continue to do so through 2022 into 2023 as it squares the Pluto. Many things may come to pass with the USA’s Pluto Return and not all of them laudable.

  It would also have to be said that John Roberts, who comes across as a moderating voice, is also a Sun, Mercury in Aquarius. Roe v Wade, signed 22 January 1973 10 am Washington, DC, also has an Aquarius Sun which will be under considerable pressure from tr Pluto conjunct the Sun from April 2024 onwards so it could be a major plank in the election campaigning, extending right through 2025. Both the negative and positive poles of Aquarius will be in full flight.

  My other faint thought is that an overly strong Mars tends to slant, not surprisingly, to an overly macho, masculine view of life – and there are several Mars Uranus hard aspects amongst the relevant charts. Moon Mars usually indicates anger at women/mother and countries which have regressive and repressive attitudes towards women and women’s issues tend to have difficult Moon aspects.  Also there is another pattern of a Cancer Aquarius combination prominent in charts, including the USA, which is an uncomfortable mix.

  Muddled thoughts but it is depressing in a supposedly enlightened country.

See post September 24 2020.

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  1. To Larry, I do agree with you re child support- excellent idea to hold both parents responsible from the onset (so to speak) This would be a positive development for the future. I hope you can take this idea forward, it calls for responsible planned parenthood.

  2. Was reading a post on twitter a bit ago. Very appropo for the topic here.

    “We also need fasthers to be burdened. If the GOP wants to force women to be mothers, let’s go ahead and force men to be fathers. Child support starting from 6 weeks; All medical bills paid in full by the fathers. And at least half the cost of housing.”

    It is tough enuf to enforce child support post-divorces.

  3. Back in 1975, just before I graduated from high school, all the forces went to great length to let us young women know that in the future we could be called up for the draft. As this was soon after the end of the Vietnam conflict. It was in effect giving the finger to women who wanted equal rights.

    It was done in the way of recruitment for the army, navy and the air force.which was a joke on my part, because at the time, at 5ft 1 and a half inch, I was considered too short.

    It seemed a sort of, let’s scare the hell out if women who want equal rights while making it impossible for many to join in the first place. Not that I wanted to. Given the amount of time that has passed, have women really achieved equal rights. My heart tells me no.

    • Linda, I was facing the draft in 1975 when my number came up at 151. Yup, it was my turn. ‘Nam conflict ended later that year…still, my Plan A was to visit Toronto. For a long time. My friends who went over…either didn’t come back or returned “different”.

      I’m sensing that the Texas bullshit has really pushed your buttons. I’m sorry for that. It’s pushing mine as well. Equal rights for women will succeed as long as snowballs in hell don;t melt. I think you know what I’m saying. No offense intended.

      The GOP is facing an existential crisis. The US portrays the Taliban as being horrible toward women and womens’ rights but it’s no different in the Deep South. Or anywhere in the former Confederacy.

  4. I do have a question about using March 2, 1836 at Dallas for the Texas chart. While the TX Declaration of Independence was signed on March 2 (not at Dallas. It didn’t even exist then. It was at Washington on the Brazos about 90 miles nw of Houston) Texas has always considered San Jacinto Day, April 21, as Texas Independence Day, even making it a state holiday during the Sesquicentenial. As such, April 21, 1836 at 4:30 pm (when the 18 minute battle started, otherwise use 4:48 when the main battle was over, though mop-up killing lasted hours) at San Jacinto (29°44′56″N 95°4′49″W) would be more appropriate for a Texas chart. Much like July 4 is considered the symbolic birth of the USA, even though that’s just when the signing started of the Declaration, the actual passage and acceptance of it was July 2.

  5. KT – Don’t blame Catholics for the anti-abortion laws. The states that are vehemently against abortion are all heavily Protestant and the “Catholic” states lean heavily liberal with higher educational levels, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey. The Deep South state are all less than 10% Catholic. I wish people would be more careful with their pronouncements.

    • If you did not read the article on Leonard Leo and Opus Dei and how the Federalist Society has stacked the courts, then you should before you make such a statement to me. Point in fact, Biden is only the second Catholic president we have ever had in the USA, and the Bishops have already called him out on his Abortion Stance in case you missed that. How that progress and whether Biden will be ex-communicated is unknown.

  6. Fifty-five percent of white women voted for Trump in 2016 while six million fewer black women voted for Hillary than voted for Obama in 2012 so this is what they get.

    As a gay man I don’t have a dog in this fight, but if you don’t care about your rights or you would rather side with the bully deal with the consequences.

  7. https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-secrets-of-leonard-leo-the-man-behind-trumps-supreme-court-pick

    It is much worse. The Supreme Court is packed by Catholics, mostly picked by this guy Leonard Leo, who is part of the Federalist Society. This is in an overwhelmingly Protestant Country. Texas has always been a bit crazy, and was their own republic for a while until it became to their benefit to join the USA. I understand a lot of Blue State dollars go to that Red State. A lot of business moved there from California, but they may have just shot themselves in the foot over this. There will be more restrictions in Texas coming on this topic.

    Biden is only the second Catholic President the USA has ever had.

    There was a huge argument when the country was founded over states rights versus federal rights.

    The law has neighbors telling on neighbors in a very invasive way for a $10,000 bounty. This will not end well.

  8. Great interview of Julie Bindel by Rachel Johnson, Boris less unhinged sibling, for her Difficult Women podcasts,talking about the biggest misogynist backlash shes ever seen, all around the globe.
    Time to stand up.

  9. Marjorie, a U.S. commission is now studying whether it is feasible for the President to enlarge the Supreme Court. It would be very interesting to see if any astrological influences support this idea. Also…I was born in Texas and left it at the age of 27. When I lived there, Texas was ruled by liberal Democrats (Ralph Yarborough, Lyndon Johnson, Sam Rayburn) and moderate Republicans were just beginning to ascend, probably because white Texans blamed Democrats for passing Civil Rights legislation..which to their credit, they did. What is happening there now is a tragedy; it’s becoming a Taliban state, completely dominated by fundamentalists.

  10. This is so sad. Women seeking abortions, for whatever reasons are stating that they are not emotionally, financially equipped to bring a child into the world. So what of the child? How can it thrive? I don’t understand the short sightedness of these decisions.

    • “I don’t understand the short sightedness of these decisions.”

      So why didn’t their (male) partners use condoms? Why is the pill not being taken?

      This topic is extremely polarizing, very off-topic in an astro forum. Unfortunately, astrological opinions are always pushed aside.

      • The very point of these laws is to be polarizing. The opposition to Roe v. Wade was ginned up by Richard Nixon before the 1972 election deliberately as a wedge issue to rally conservative voters. It’s been used as a wedge issue ever since. But the TX Republicans may have overtipped their hand because without Roe V. Wade they lose that motivation among their voters. Instead, there are now moves afoot to codify women’s reproductive rights in Congressional legislation instead of leaving it to legal precedent, which is what’s needed to stop the endless legal challenges.

        The Texas law is also utterly ridiculous as it’s all about vigilantism – give people who turn in their neighbors $10,000 whether the case wins or loses. It’s fascist. Of course the online tip page is being overrun with people putting in lots of fake “tips” to gum up the works, so much for that.

    • Jac, Couldn’t agree more. It’s the outrageous hypocrisy of it which is breathtaking. Anti-abortion wrapped up in moral superiority when they are anti-gun control, probably pro-death penalty, anti-child welfare. There’s no contraception which is 100% proof and women sometimes don’t get a choice.

  11. Chief Justice John Roberts is also a sun Aquarius, a sign that keeps cropping up in the US on both the progressive and conservative sides (Lincoln, Roosevelt and Reagan all sun Aq.). There is certainly a current trend towards wilfully bending or breaking or defying laws and the constitution by lawmakers in the US. It is a war between liberals and conservatives that I would say has a long way to run.

  12. Sorry meant my friend in Florida is a nurse who is actually thinking of leaving her profession after 20 years. She is not wealthy but she and several friends got together and drove 2 1/2 hours each way twice to another state to get the legit Pzifer Covid-19 vaccines before they became available in her state. Especially because she saw so many people in Florida end up very sick, having to be hospitalized and dying after getting the Regeneron treatment.

    You never hear about Regeneron being used to treat Covid or the Delta variant anymore. Gee I wonder why….. DeSantis’s day of reckoning is coming. And no I am not religious. One more big storm and another disaster in Florida, his affiliation with Trump (who is also going to be exposed as a fraud bigtime) and many many angry, disenfranchised and alienated people (especially women) will be his downfall.

      • Nope. My state has a great GDP, diverse population (over 200 languages spoken in L.A. alone) half a dozen or more world-class universities. Research centers same. Finance centers too.
        No giant insects, punishing humidity, annual (sometimes more) hurricanes or alligators roaming free.
        Our leaders believe in science (see universities & research centers) & humanity
        California leads on the protecting the environment & public safety too.
        We, in the golden state are COSMOPOLITAN!

  13. There are so many things wrong with Texas. The new anti-abortion law, harmful vaccinations. ability for anyone to buy a gun with no background checks, lack of any compassion for the poor and disenfranchised, anti-vax/anti-mask rules and corruption which is rife in Texas (as well as Florida) which is not only despicable but also crimes against humanity. Its also ironic that DeSantis was vaccinated with a legitimate vaccine when Covid and the Delta Virus were beginning to flourish in his state although he will never publicly admit it.

    The women and minorities in Texas are not going to keep quiet about this and you will see a rise of women and minority power at the voting booths. Also did a tarot reading on him (as did a number of other valid and reliable readers) and we all came to similar conclusions. DeSantis will be in serious financial, legal and political trouble within the next 6 months to a year and not get re-elected.

      • Until recently DeSantis was pushing Regeneron (which he invested heavily in) until it was proven to be ineffective against Covid-19 and the Delta variant.

        Now he has acknowledged the Pfizer vaccine (which currently is the only one available in Florida now) is more effective and is urging people to get vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine and no longer mentions Regeneron. This is only after numerous deaths and hospitals full to overflowing with Covid/Delta patients (my friend is a nurse in Texas and completely overwhelmed/suffering from PTSD) and thinking of quitting a profession she truly loved…..

        Masking, vaccinations and social distancing are still not mandatory though and there are not a lot of sites (especially in the minority and poor areas of Florida) that have not been set up to distribute the vaccine. My friend drove 21/2 hours each way to anther state before the Pfizer vaccine became available recently to get vaccinated in Florida.

        • Speaking of Regeneron, it was developed using fetal tissue from aborted fetuses. TX Governor Abbott was happy to receive life-saving Regeneron treatment for his recent bout with Covid. Of course anyone with money is TX is exempt from this law because women with money or their daddies or paramours or husbands will have the funds to leave the state to get an abortion. It’s designed to appeal to their extremist base and keep the GOP in power, nothing to do with actually trying to stop abortions on a moral standpoint.

      • Governor Abbot first got the Regeneron treatment and although he claimed it was successful he ended up getting the Pfizer vaccine because he was still testing positive for Covid after the Regeneron treatment. If you do a deep search you will see the real truth…..

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