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Another week, another mass killing. 26 died at a Texas Church yesterday with several injured in the worst mass shooting in the state’s history. The perpetrator appears to be Devin Kelley, with a Texas birth record of 12 February 1991, former US Air Force, who was imprisoned and dishonourably discharged for assaulting his wife and child. He seems to have been religious at one point but turned atheist according to his recent social media postings. Two local residents followed him escaping, ran him off the road and shot him.

Like the New York Truck attack, the Fire Grand Trine was in place, formed into a Kite by the emotionally excitable Uranus opposition Venus. Who’d have thought Venus would have such a negative effect? Indulgent and frivolous yes, undoubtedly selfish. But here acting as vengeful Venus, it is operating on the vindictive plane described in the old mythologies. Jealousy and the desire for retribution are all part of the Venusian playbook. She hates being slighted.

Jupiter, as ever playing its wild card in disasters, was conjunct the midheaven, as it was at 9/11 at which point Venus was also opposition Uranus then as well on the focal point of a Kite to an Air Grand Trine.

The shooter, Devin Kelley, is a controlling and stubborn Sun Aquarius square Pluto; with the highly-strung Uranus Neptune in Capricorn of his generation; and a hard-edged, short-tempered Mars in Gemini trine Mercury, Saturn and maybe an Aquarius Moon. Starkman has a rectified birthtime of 17.51 hrs for a Hays, Texas birth place – this would put a high-tension-family Pluto on the IC; with ambitious and argumentative Mars in the 10th. The volatile Uranus Neptune would be in the 5th and that plus a Leo Ascendant would prompt him to demand the spotlight in however erratic a way. His dependent Sun in 7th also chimes with an intense Venus in Pisces in the 8th trine Pluto, sextile Neptune (Uranus). Relationships would be a key focus for him. It makes marginally more sense than the previous birth date.

His can-be-mentally-unbalanced 7th harmonic is heavily aspected, with an explosive Sun Mars linked to Pluto Uranus and Neptune. And his 18H, notable amongst serial killers [See August 29 2017 post], links Pluto to Mars Sun Moon; and also to Saturn Neptune.

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  1. I would say yes, pluto in Aquarius. There will be an inventive burst of energy that will change the world. Expect Artificial Intelligence that eventually cannot be destroyed or controlled. Also new propulsion systems that will take humans to Mars and populate the moon. New forms of everyday energy.

    However, this will have a shadow, too. Uranus returns to its degree of discovery around 2031. Think 1781, 1863, 1947, 2031. Revolution, war, and Aliens (Roswell in 1947).

      • My head is full of cottonwool lately. I was thinking in terms of the world, and not just gun control.

        Perhaps in the Pluto/Aquarius age, someone will invent a disabling control system that will be compulsory on every kind of gun. People could carry a “kill switch” that would work on guns, not people.

  2. Marjorie, his Venus is 29 Pisces which is on the evil fixed Star Scheat:
    With Venus: Evil environment, suffering through own acts, danger of imprisonment or restraint. [Robson*, p.207.]

    With his progressed Sun moving to that degree it’s not unusual he would commit such an act as it is synonymous with danger to mankind.

    Maybe if you move the birthtime back so his Moon is at 26 Taurus and closer to an opposition to Pluto you could see if that gives you a rising sign. 26 Taurus is Caput Algol and connected with the Moon it shows a violent death.

  3. One of the most depressing features of this is that you know it’s not going to change anything and that it’s only a question of time beforeit happens again, and again.. is there any astrology which may indicate any grounds for optimism??

    • Um no, not really. But it is bizarre how it becomes the norm and disappears down the headlines below all manner of hands-on-knee trivia. Especially with it not being a fundamentalist Islamic attack. There’s no way of putting the genie back in the bottle where gun control in the US is concerned. But it does seem a peculiarly American phenomenon – at the moment – I live in a hunting area so many people have guns, but there’s nothing (cross fingers) apart from the odd mis-shoot of a dog walker. The world does seem more insane than usual.

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