Sun/Moon midpoint – inner balance or disharmony


The ‘spirit and the soul, the conscious and the unconscious, husband and wife’ is how Ebertin describes the Sun/Moon midpoint in a chart – the degree halfway between Sun and Moon. It’s the meeting point of the yin and the yang, the masculine and feminine sides of the individual personality, and to some degree involves the early role models in the father/mother relationship in childhood.

It’s a useful point to keep in mind if the birth time is known – for predictions about relationship strains/splits or periods of emotional challenge when the outer planets are in hard aspect to the Sun/Moon. For example, tr Pluto opposition the Sun/Moon midpoint can lead not only to an extended two year phase of considerable pressure on close relationships, but also an internal ‘dark night of the soul’.

Close relationships undergo major changes during outer planet transits to the Sun/Moon midpoint, and because it shifts the internal balance in the individual affected, the kind of relationship they want on the far side isn’t the same as before. Such transits can also sometimes point to upheavals in the parental marriage.

It’s worth looking at the individual natal chart to see how the Sun/Moon midpoint aspects other planetary positions. For example: Sun/Moon = Uranus will have the same effect as Uranus in the 7th, so the kind of partner needed will be unconventional and probably constantly changing with multiple partners. Jupiter or Venus in aspect to the Sun/Moon suggests the ability or luck to attract an affectionate and supportive partner. Saturn = Sun/Moon, relationships will be hard work, probably delayed till later in life and cool. Neptune = Sun/Moon, as Kirk Douglas has (see earlier post), indicates a lack of commitment to marital vows. Pluto = Sun/Moon, intense close relationships with jealousy causing problems.

Sometimes, though not always, it can be involved in cross-overs with a partner’s chart especially one person’s Sun/Moon conjunct the other’s Moon, or in their 7th. Queen Elizabeth’s Sun/Moon is conjunct Prince Philip’s Gemini Sun Mars; and his Sun/Moon is conjunct her Descendant. Catherine Zeta Jones’ Sun/Moon is conjunct Michael Douglas’s Moon. Joanne Woodward’s Sun/Moon was conjunct Paul Newman’s Moon. Princess Diana’s Sun/Moon was conjunct Prince Charles’ Moon; and Camilla’s Sun/Moon falls in Charles’ 7th. Jackie Kennedy’s Sun/Moon was conjunct JFK’s Venus. Zara Tindall’s Sun/Moon is conjunct her husband Mike’s Jupiter.   Jennifer Aniston’s Sun/Moon is conjunct Brad Pitt’s Moon Venus; while his Sun/Moon collides with Angelina Jolie’s Mars opposition Pluto.

But never fear, just because your Sun/Moon midpoint doesn’t aspect any of your planets or partner’s planets it doesn’t mean you won’t be happily settled in a long term commitment. It’s only one point in a chart; there will be other indicators.

What is undoubtedly true is that transits from Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to the Sun/Moon midpoint will bring chills, disruptions, disappointments and challenges respectively. It doesn’t mean the relationship will inevitably split, though it can do.

8 thoughts on “Sun/Moon midpoint – inner balance or disharmony

  1. Marjorie, good to see your page here 🙂
    I will have transiting Jupiter ‘opposite’ my sun moon midpoint the first week of october. My Su/Mo is at 22.22 Taurus (6th house if that matters) and Jupiter will be at 22.22 Scorpio. What’s also curious is at the very same time my progressed MC will also be at 22.22 Scorpio.
    I would really like to know what you think of this aspect as it seems significant but I’m clueless to make any worthy assertions.

  2. I know someone who is currently going through several transits to his sun-moon midpoint all together. I’m curious as to what this could mean.

    Transit pluto and transit mars are conjunct it. (This is right at the cusp of his 5th house). Transit Uranus is squaring it (which also sits conjunct on his natal Juno in the 8th) and transit Jupiter is sextile to it while also being conjunct his natal sun. Transit Neptune is also sextile to it..and is about six orbs away from being conjunct with his natal moon. Transit Venus is currently trine it..this along with mars of course is temporary, while the outer planets will continue doing their thing for awhile.

    What on earth could this mean? And are the sextile, trines and conjunctions a good positive aspect? Has anyone ever had so much transiting their sun moon midpoint all at once? If so, was it troubling, helpful or difficult? I have my concerns.

  3. I wonder what it means to have sun-moon midpoint conjunct her sun moon midpoint.I always look at this relationship like a kinda of yin-yang thing. The irony here is that i have Uranus in 7th,she is with 16 years younger and it looks like her chart empathizes some Uranus quality.Any thoughts?

  4. TR Pluto squaring my Sun/Moon midpoint with marital problems mounting (although I had no idea), with the retrograde going to square one last time, and my husband walked out in February, and we will no doubt divorce. Sun/Moon is 16 Libra. Pluto also now transiting my Midheaven, almost conjunct so not only career change (true) but also status change (Mrs – Miss). Mentioning this as an example. I hate you Pluto.

    • Not sure if this will help… When Pluto crossed over my midheaven, my career was shattered. My housing was tied to my job so I also lost that too. Was forced to rent a room and almost lost my pets – a family member took them in. I was never much of a saver so had little in reserves. My credit was destroyed as well. A year later – I was able to return to my former career (technology) by the grace of God. Thought my skills were too outdated but someone ( a great firm!) hired me. I have been in this career for over 4 years and have nearly tripled my income – and saved a huge amount of money. Looking back, am so grateful for the “wake up call”. My only regret was that I didn’t make the change sooner.

      • Hi Marjorie,
        My Sun-Moon midpoint (Capricorn 2°1’56) is almost conjunct my Descendant (Capricorn 1°47’14). What would that signify about my relationships?
        While working this out, I realised that I had Pluto go past both these points in the past few years. Pluto entered Capricorn in November 2008. In early 2009, I moved country/emigrated, left my family behind and started a new life on my own, started a new course of studies and a new job.

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