Steve Holcomb – running on fire


American bobsled champion, three-time Olympic medallist and five-time world champion, Steven Holcomb, has been found dead at 37. He put US bobsleighing on the map; and overcame health problems which nearly lost him his sight at point, causing a near suicidal depression and alcoholism, but he recovered almost perfect vision and always seemed cheerful.

He had an extraordinary chart. Born 14 April 1980 in Park City, Utah, he had an inspirational, super-confident Fire Grand Trine of an Aries Sun (and Moon) trine Mars North Node in Leo trine Neptune in Sagittarius, formed into an even more talented, driven and influential Kite by Sun opposition Pluto. His Sun was also on the focal point of a Yod to Saturn in Virgo sextile Uranus in Scorpio, so he would be troubled by feelings of low self-esteem, and wobble between pessimism about himself and high optimism.

Reports indicate that he died in his sleep. He was approaching his Nodal Return this August which would make the upcoming Leo Solar Eclipse conjunct his Mars and Node, so a critical year for him. With tr Uranus also rattling another leg of his Grand Trine conjunct his Sun, and earlier this year opposition his Pluto. So there would be considerable pressures on him and at the best of times he never kept himself in particularly good shape.

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