Stephane Bourgoin – a murderous obsession ++ a Scorpio Midheaven

A serial liar who became France’s go-to expert on serial killers, writing forty books which sold millions, fronting documentaries and lecturing to magistrates, prison officials and police, has finally admitted he’s a fake. Stéphane Bourgoin claimed to have interviewed more than 70 serial killers, trained at the FBI’s base in Quantico, Virginia and that his own wife was murdered in 1976, by a serial killer. In reality there was no wife, he was never near the FBI or Charles Manson.

Born 14 March 1953 in Paris 4.45 am, he was excluded three times from high school and had no diploma, worked in the horror film business and then in a Paris bookstore that specialized in detective novels and criminology. When his house of cards collapsed recently he said he just wanted to be loved.

He does have an interesting chart with a Yod onto a focal point 2nd house Pisces Sun inconjunct Pluto sextile Neptune Saturn, with Neptune Saturn opposition Mars Venus in Aries.

A focal point Sun makes for a wavering sense of self-identity which starts with low self-esteem and then flits to the opposite of aggrandisement. If mismanaged can lead to an abuse of personal will and authority – and would definitely aim him in the direction of a money-making career.

His 9th house Saturn Neptune will make him neurotic as well as creative and a good communicator with a bent towards lecturing and publishing; Neptune Pluto is ambitious and with Saturn involved ultra-determined. Saturn opposition Mars would spark his interest in murder; Neptune opposition Mars likes publicity. Mars Venus in his 3rd house, also an indicator of a communicator and researcher keen to get his message across. His North Node in Aquarius would prompt him to find a cause to which to devote his energies – and falling in his 1st house would also give him problems in early adult life with trying to settle on an identity/image.

I’d hazard a guess that the time might be out marginally but say 5 minutes earlier which would put his Pluto in the influential and dark 8th. His Midheaven was in Scorpio with a Capricorn Ascendant which also fits his chosen obsession.

An oddity with an astrologically compelling chart.

3 thoughts on “Stephane Bourgoin – a murderous obsession ++ a Scorpio Midheaven

  1. Sun at 23º Pisces – already feeling the effect (IMHO) of the Solar Eclipse in December, 14th, 2020 – at 23º Sagittarius (this eclipse squares him from his 6th house – daily routine, work).

    South Node in Leo – “wanted to be loved” – ok. But also Celebrated and Admired (I would say). South Node in the 2nd – making money from his lies (South Node ruled by the Sun in Pisces – in the 10th – career).

    He could have used his skills (South Node in Leo) to help others, to Lead others and Help them (North Node in Aquarius – 8th house; Uranus rules the NN and is in the 1st house) and sacrifice his wants and needs – in This way he would be celebrated.

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