Stellium in Capricorn – a planetary scrum



There is much astro-chatter about the upcoming stellium in Capricorn on January 17th. Stelliums are three or more planets close together all throwing their energy together. This one has Sun and Moon conjunct Venus and Pluto with Saturn Mercury also in early Capricorn. I’d be more concerned if there were more outer planets involved. Inner planets can act as triggers but don’t have the weighty effect of the outer ones.

It will still focus a good deal of planetary zap onto a specific area of individual charts – Trump’s 5th house (ruling children and speculation); the UK/EU/Germany’s 4th houses respectively, ruling domestic matters. Whether or not the stellium will have much long term effect, just of itself, I’d doubt.  Though it will affect babies born then – stelliums can make for geniuses, very single-focused on a narrow area of life.

The other question is whether the Sun ingressing Capricorn at the same time as Saturn is significant. Saturn returns to Capricorn every 29 years, but not often on the same day as the Sun’s annual cycle as it did this year. A previous occasion in 1664 was followed by the plague which wiped out a third of London’s population and in 1666 the Great Fire. But I would have ascribed these more to the Saturn Neptune conjunction in Capricorn – Saturn Neptune often accompanying epidemics and times of civilian panic.

It occurred again when Napoleon of France made his failed invasion into Russia in 1812; and again in 1871 when Germany came together as a unified country. On the first of these there was a devastating Neptune square Pluto in orb; on the second a can-be-fanatical Uranus square Neptune was around.

You can drown yourself in data and connections which are always there with so many cycles to play with. I find I have to stand back and be selective about what I pay attention to otherwise it gets too muddling.

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  1. It occurs around the MC of Trump’s term chart I believe.The Sun,Moon,
    and Venus in the 10th while Pluto,
    Saturn,and Mercury occupy the 9th
    house of foreign affairs/the judiciary.

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